Soho Rezanejad presents: Crow Without Mouth: World Premiere (Pt.1) from SILICONERECORDS on Vimeo.

Crow Without Mouth: World Premiere (Pt.1)

Written, composed, and directed by
Soho Rezanejad

Editor and Director of photography
Jonathan Hjorth

Commissioned for Passive/Aggressive #9 “Isolation”

Supported by Dansk Komponistforening & G((o))ng Tomorrow

Dambi Kim as Gaia
Isabelle Chester as Athena
Klara Utke Acs as Atlas
Sofia Skir as Eros
Soho Rezanejad as Anahita

Costumes – Aly Tipacti
Paintings – Camilla Borg Bahnsen
Choreography – Klara Utke Acs
Monochrome graphics – Soho Rezanejad

Music –
Viola – Astrid Sonne
Cello – Cæcilie Trier & Gyda Valtysdottir
Flute – Jakob Ivarsson & Miccel Mohr
Audio engineering and additional production by Miccel Mohr

Special thanks to –
Daniel Wilhelm
David Walker
Federico Nitti
Harry Glass
Jovan Vucinic
Marcel Weber
Nikita Lavrinenko
Paul Moulden
Pernille Krog Mogensen
Ron Schneider
Roz Yuen