Click Festival 2018 – a photo reportage

May 21 2018 IMG_1734

Chino Amobi, Amnesia Scanner, Rabit feat. Cecilia and Søs Gunver Ryberg at Click Festival 2018 at Kulturværftet Helsingør.
All photos by Cameron Pagett. (Review coming up…)
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U.S. Girls – Sororal Feelings (in Copenhagen)

English May 18 2018 MI0003439231

U.S. Girls @ Hotel Cecil, May 6th 2018 – live review by Ivna Franic.

So apparently 2018 is the year I finally get to see some of my old underground heroes such as Félicia Atkinson, Circuit des Yeux and U.S. Girls live for the first time. About a decade since they’ve started out as experimental solo outings, some of them have gradually evolved into actual bands. And while Circuit des Yeux’s show a few months back suffered from letting the band run loose with a dash too many jamming moments, U.S. Girls’ Meg Remy keeps her 8-piece (!) ensemble focused throughout the show, any eventual jam out perfectly finding its place in the song’s dramaturgy. Læs resten

Francois Bayle og Christian Zanési – Bølgende variationer og tusind små detaljer

Kritik April 25 2018


François Bayle “Tremblents…” (Editions Mego, 2018) / Christian Zanési “Grand Bruit/Stop! L’horizon” (Editions Mego, 2018) – Anmeldelse af Morten Østergaard Rasmussen

Nu, hvor Editions Mego har udsendt deres 19. og 20. udgivelse i genudgivelsesserien Recollection GRM, står det efterhånden klart, at Groupe de Recherche Musicales (GRM), det franske kollektiv for elektroniske musikere, der blev stiftet af Pierre Schaeffer i 1958, har et tilsyneladende uudtømmeligt arkiv. Denne gang er det “Tremblents…” af François Bayle og “Grand Bruit/Stop! L’horizon” af Christian Zanési, der er blevet hevet frem fra gemmerne, og de to plader følger op på den meget overraskende samling af Jaap Vinks værker fra 2017, der syvdoblede mængden af tilgængelige stykker fra den hollandske komponists hånd.
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Sully – Britisk producer leverer unikt flux af grime, jungle og footwork

Blog April 12 2018 27545314_10155210738852011_1410657722169382520_n

Af Sandra S. Borch

Den kommende weekend står i jungle-workoutens tegn med britiske Sully og hans friske tilgangsvinkel til Londons bastunge-musikscene samt Force 10, Yke, DJ Reteq og et hold af lokale helte i både Aarhus og København. Arrangøren er Concrete Jungle, der har præsenteret musik på Bolsjefabrikken siden 2015. Læs resten

The Empire Line – The Oslo report

English April 8 2018 IMG_0816

Reportage from The Empire Line, Varg, Croatian Amor, Vanity Productions at Blå, Oslo, 22.03.2018. Text and images by Cameron Pagett.

There is a river which runs through the heart of Oslo. Beginning in the mountains and trickling its way down from the Artic sea on the northern tip of our continent, past fjords and craggy peaks which carve the stocking shaped country’s landscape into an epic, serene and quiet place. The sun is out and snow covers most of the hilly and forested terrain as we begin our final approach into Oslo. The closer we get to land the more visible the open spaces cutting through the trees reveal themselves as ski slopes and the entire country begin’s to resemble one giant ski resort. It’s early afternoon when we land, and I am seated some way behind Posh Isolation founders Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek, who after a decade of releasing music out of a DIY-ethic in Copenhagen are now traveling with international acclaim. It’s my own first time in the country and for Stadsgaard his first in 11 years, and a first ever showcase here for Posh Isolation. After a brief rendezvous at a convenience market in the airport we separate without words to our lodging places beginning what would be an interesting evening in the last major city of the North. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and the river runs with momentum along the clean and well manicured banks before meeting the inner fjord on which the city stands. Somewhere near the end of the river is a brick building covered in graffiti named Blå. Now an establishment, and opened since 1998 this river-side, somewhat historic and unassuming space would be the host for our evening.

Children step into the train with ski’s and snow-suits (quite regular I hear) as I exit into the city centrum and head to my Airbnb. There are a few hours to spare before the show, and walking around feels like visiting an old friend in a new place. Passing the Nobel Prize house and the Museum for Surrealist Painter Edvard Munch, I get the idea that this place holds everything I have heard about but couldn’t locate from first-hand memory. Slinking atop a small table in the dark my Airbnb host who closely resembles an opiated railway worker from the 1800’s crossed with mid-life Gollum looks at me suspiciously when I arrive. After some convincing that it was me he was hosting, he asks me if I can just come back later because he is not ready. I am not too fond of the idea, and I am put in a made-over closet for the night. Luckily the bed isn’t half bad, and even though he won’t stop staring at me from his table-top perch by the corner near the door I feel happy that the night will soon begin. Oslo is a small city, smaller then Copenhagen, I am staying on the opposite end of the city from Blå and its only a 20 minute walk. Camera is in my backpack, time to move, it will be a tale of two or possibly an endless night. Læs resten

Kvartalets bedste singler – Kølig båndsalat, sangskrivning i 3D og hellig musik finansieret via kirkeskatten

Blog April 7 2018 Kolb

Kvartalets bedste singler – udvalgt af Adam Thorsmark

Fire gange om året samler jeg – med afsæt i det, man vel i lærebøger om videnskabelig metode ville betegne som en ekstremt subjektiv udvælgelsesstrategi – op på en god håndfuld af de nye sange fra ind- og udland (samt en enkelt perle fra arkiverne), som har sat det tydeligste præg på mig i det netop afsluttede kvartal. Herunder får du en blanding af oversete og mere kendte sange, men den røde tråd er simpel: ren kærlighed til det, der har ramt allermest plet hos mig.
Her er de højeste højdepunkter fra første fjerdedel af 2018. Læs resten

Physically Sick 2 – Music and medicine against legally administered poverty

Blog English April 5 2018 PS2_cover

By Emil Néné Rasmussen

In the always peculiar legal world of the USA, a particularly odd system is set in motion almost every time someone is held in custody or otherwise detained. The system is called bail, and it is the procedure of letting the detained person pay a deposit to the court in return for being released until their trial. While the exact cost of this procedure varies from state to state, depending on the severity of the crime, it has potentially destructive financial consequences for those impacted by it. No matter where one stands on crime and punishment, the matter of the fact is that 1: “We do not tend to confine the most dangerous – we jail the poorest among us”, 2: “Our jails are disproportionately filled with Black and Latino men” and 3: “Defendants sit in jail for long periods awaiting trial. Some defendants have even waited in jail for more than four years before trial”. (Alexander Shalom, “Bail Reform as a Mass Incarceration Reduction Technique”, 2014)

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