Messell – The complex beauty of our communicative failures (interview)

March 21 2020

By Macon Holt “If no one fits in,” said Martin Messell to me in his studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, “then maybe we don’t have to worry about fitting in.” We were talking about the concept behind his first album under his surname as an artist’s moniker, “Ligesom Rigtige Mennesker”. In translation, the title has a certain ambiguity as it can mean either “just like real ...

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Super Karla – Poprock fra 80’ernes Aarhus hjemsøgt og endevendt

Kritik March 9 2020

Super Karla ”Super Karla Extra” (Fantasy Forever, 2019) – anmeldelse af Markus Tange Et genfærd har fundet et uventet hylster at hjemsøge og gøre til sit. Med en original kombination af ildevarslende digitale elementer, uventede akustiske afstikkere og en kælen autotunet melodiøsitet er den for længst glemte aarhusianske poprockgruppe Super Karla vakt til live af antagonistiske kræfter.

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Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn – Improvisation carefully avoiding the clichés

Kritik March 2 2020

Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn “Head¨Space” (Chant Records, 2020) – review by Giuseppe Pisano This record came as an unexpected surprise to me. Two very prolific Danish artists, Randi Pontoppidan and Christian Rønn, bring us a collaborative album that feels like a natural musical experience, maieutically emerging from some sort of metaphysical connection and then shared to the audience, rather than a planned out, structured album of ...

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Alexander Holm – The Understated Sci-Fi of “GiVa1G”

Blog Kritik February 24 2020

Alexander Holm “GiVa1G” (Sensorisk Verden, 2019) – Review by Macon Holt Known for his work with Vid Edda, Group 4K, Young Bragi amongst others, the prolific Danish sound artist, Alexander Holm, released “GiVa1G” last year, the first album under his own name. “GiVa1G” is a high concept suite of pieces that draw much of their material from field recordings made on an expedition to study ...

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Perko – Incorporating Copenhagen soundscapes into introspective techno tunes (interview)

February 21 2020

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by Matthew McArthur Williams The Scottish, Copenhagen-based producer Perko debuted back in 2018 with the release “NV Auto” on likewise Scottish label Numbers (Lanark Artefax, Peder Mannerfelt, Randomer, etc.). On February 7th, Perko returned with his sophomore release, the 8 track-long “The City Rings”. While the release, according to Perko himself, may be characterised by more smooth sounds than his debut, “The City Rings” still demonstrates his skills and taste for sharp ...

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“Kulør 006” – Et kvantespring fra dansegulvet

Blog February 17 2020

Af Alexander Julin Mortensen Af selskabet Ectotherms aske opstod Kulør forrige år og har siden da bl.a. genudsendt en række af udgivelserne på Ectotherm. Kendetegnende for flere af dem og den første udgivelse på Kulør er tempoet, der ofte nærmer sig 150 bpm.  “Kulør 006” byder på et væld af interessante navne i dansk, elektronisk musik, heriblandt Xenia Xamanek (her sammen med Ydegirl), Astrid Sonne, Gel, Minais B ...

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Kirstine Lindemann – Movement that carries an inner state

February 14 2020

Performance recommendation by Macon Holt Later this month, Danish composer, performer and recorder player, Kirstine Lindemann, will start a tour of Denmark to showcase a collection of both earlier and new compositions with collaborators Yiran Zhao and Irene Bianco amongst others. Known for previous work such as the piece Breath (2018) and her ongoing project with Zhao, OTHER EYE, Lindemann is an artist who’s central concern is ...

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Brooch – Impulsive rock on a tight schedule (premiere)

Blog January 30 2020

By Mikkel Arre Ben Stidworthy and Mikkel Holm Silkjær met when their regular bands, Ought and Yung, toured together in 2016. They started a duo called Brooch and released their first 7” a year later. Tomorrow the duo will release a six-track EP on Silkjær’s Shordwood Records. We have asked them three questions about the EP – read the answers and listen to the entire record below.

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