Yousuke Nakano – Subtly funking you up

In English June 24 2017 1007208585

By Sandra S. Borch

Never judge a cassette by its cover. This time is no exception. The cover of Japanese Yousuke Nakano’s “Joint Statement” is pretty cool. Showing a skeleton with a lit cigarette and a red headline sending a strong bad ass signal with a hint of punk or a hint of noise. However, the inside of the cassette is far from both punk and noise. It contains eleven tracks with enough groove to turn the afterparty into a soulful comedown. Læs resten

Angeles & Internazionale – Desolate electronics and echoes of abandoned spaces

In English Kritik April 4 2017 A-I_

Angeles & Internazionale ”Vigilance” (Janushoved, 2017) – Review by Ivna Franić

Copenhagen tape label Janushoved kicked the year off with several new cassette releases of recordings by Liberty Uganda, Mercury Ribbon, Tevere, and one intriguing duo. Angeles & Internazionale is a collaboration between Soho Rezanejad – whom you might have heard on Croatian Amor’s latest record, if nowhere else, and Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley – the head of Janushoved, member of Rosen & Spyddet and man of many other monikers. Although Internazionale has a new solo album coming out on Posh Isolation these days, which might hopefully bring him some well-deserved exposure, the beautiful ”Vigilance” tape with Angeles should not go unnoticed. Læs resten

食品まつり a.k.a. Foodman – Discovering a world for your own originality (interview)

In English March 25 2017 20161006_231108

Interview by Simon Christensen. Translation by Anna Vicario. Originally printed in ZINE 6 in 2016.

Japanese artist Takahide Higuchi is known under the alias Foodman as an adventurous traveler in electronic music. His art plays on other musical styles of the world, but is based in the Japanese juke movement, the eclectic gaming world and culture of his native Yokohama.

Originally inspired by bass-heavy dance music and an avant-garde angle on footwork, he has later mixed his approach up in a collage art that is based on samples, intertextuality and naive melodies to create a personal dream world. This is more evident than ever on his latest release, “Ez Minzoku” – his most ambitious and arguably most diverse and weirdest effort yet. Læs resten

Princess Nokia – “Don’t you fuck with my energy” (live review)

In English February 12 2017 PN

Princess Nokia, LSDXOXO @ Sigurdsgade, 7.2.2017 – review by Ivna Franić / photo: Lea Anić

“I step in this bitch and I do what I want
I don’t give a damn and I don’t give a fuck”

As hoped for, Princess Nokia stays true to her words – giving neither a damn nor a fuck as she tears down Sigurdsgade. She doesn’t waste any time either, dropping two of her biggest (or at least most recent) hits early into the show. The amusing “Tomboy” proves to be a good choice for kicking things off, and following it up with the combative “Kitana” definitely helps maintain the high level of energy on stage as well as in the crowd. Although such strategy can be risky due to its potential to make the rest of the show seem less intense, it paid off. Princess Nokia thankfully had enough inspiration to keep things cranked up to 11 for most of her performance. It probably also helped that so much happened during the show, it’s difficult to recount. Læs resten

Opaque – Dedicated listening at a proper club night? (live review)

In English February 6 2017 peder_mannerfelt

Review of Opaque electronic journey w/ Peder Mannerfelt, Yen Towers etc. at Ideal Bar, February 3 2017 – by Ivna Franić / photo: Lea Anić

Friday saw the first installment of Opaque electronic journey, a new series of events in Copenhagen dedicated to techno, ambient and noise, aiming to “create a space for the dedicated listener”. The idea of bringing together experimental/noise electronic acts and techno DJs seems like a simple but effective way to challenge the conservative club culture, often averse to overly adventurous and/or unpleasant sounds. Putting this idea to practice, however, might not always turn out entirely as planned. Læs resten

Georgia – “The deepest politics possible happen within one person’s body” (interview)

In English February 4 2017 georgia-press

Af Simon Christensen

At følge Georgia er et følge en kontinuerlig strøm af seismisk aktivitet: Musik og animationer bobler ud igennem et studie i det store æbles Chinatown i et spekter af platforme bestående af film, soundcloud-tracks, radioprogrammer, designvirksomhed og de indtil videre 3 fuldlængde LP’er, som er udkommet med hjælp fra bl.a. Afrikan Sciences, Rashad Becker, Matt Werth fra RVNG Intl. og Caroline Polachek fra Chairlift. Alle ‘produkter’ har det tilfælles, at det er sirligt sammenvævet på tværs af mediematrixen, og musikalsk tager afsæt i en spirituel uendelighedstanke hentet fra den frie jazz og minimalistiske komponister – som derfor helt naturligt tager afstand til normale sangstrukturer. Læs resten

Steven Warwick – “This year was the worst year I can remember. How can that dread not manifest itself?” (interview)

In English December 10 2016 VA_031415-149

Interview af Alexander Julin

Engelske Steven Warwick er bedst kendt under sit alias Heatsick. Siden 2006 har Warwick udgivet intelligent – man fristes til at sige: tenderende til det nørdede – elektronisk musik via alt fra hedengangne Beyond Repair (drevet af Jonas Frederiksen og Simon Formann) over Not Not Fun til PAN, hvoraf sidstnævnte bl.a. har udgivet LP’erne “Intersex” og “Re-Engeneering”. Nogle udgivelser har kendetegn af house eller minimal disco, men altid i en original kontekst, der gør det håbløst at forsøge at beskrive det dynamiske projekt gennem genre-termer. På sit seneste mixtape, “Nadir”, ligeledes udgivet på PAN, bevæger Warwick sig ud på ny, musikalsk grund, lydmæssigt såvel som emotionelt. Læs resten