DJ Sports – A new species in dance music

English Kritik September 25 2017 milanZ

DJ Sports “Modern Species” (Firecracker Recordings, 2017) – review by Morten Løwenstein

When diving into DJ Sports and his back catalogue, you automatically dive into the world of Regelbau. My first intention was not to include any intro to the Aarhus-based collective. However, the background is of great significance in this case. With a crew tally of no less than 11, Regelbau’s members have put Denmark and Aarhus on the dance music map, while simultaneously developing their own unique and confident approach to dance music – or all music – and to the scene itself.

The much-deserved hype of the Regelbau crew has grown in a rarely seen organic way, and the fact that the crew is built on a strong foundation of friendship and common musical interests is clear. Læs resten

Greg Fox – Free form drummer ventures forth with Gradual Progression (interview)

English Feature September 8 2017 RVNGNL38_PRESS_PHOTO_003

Interview by Simon Christensen.

The recent solo efforts mark “the end of the beginning” for musician and improvisor Greg Fox. Although still partly recognized as a metal drummer from the hard-hitting band Liturgy, he is influenced even more so by free jazz, computers and sound itself. Greg Fox has been involved in an exciting series of projects ranging from electronic music with Hieroglyphic Being and Ben Frost, experimentalists like Zs, Kid Millions and Colin Stetson (as part of Ex Eye and Sorrow), and as well as playing with Marshall Allen and Milford Graves. The latter, who he considers his mentor, inspired the recording of the truly drawing solo LP Mitral Transmission from 2014, which was made as a purely digital concept.

Even though his ambitious new solo album The Gradual Progression isn’t his debut as main composer after several releases as Greg Fox, GDFX and Guardian Alien, he is standing on a threshold to a new territory, Greg Fox explains on a phone line from his native New York to Passive/Aggressive in this interview. Læs resten

Wolf Eyes – The demonic joy of decay (live report)

English August 20 2017 wooooooooolf-eyes

Wolf Eyes + GOHV + Vanity Productions, Mayhem, August 14 – A live report by Wieland Rambke

For a long time the label of noise rock hasn’t really applied anymore to Wolf Eyes. They are drawing on noise, rock, free jazz, metal, experimental electronics, new composition…
The list could go on forever – in other words, trying genres to pinpoint the group is pointless. Call it “Music”, and you will get closer. Yes, tropes of many genres are applied, but they are only starting points. The secret does not lie in the application of genres: Wolf Eyes can lean in any direction without falling over. They do combine genres, but their real strength lies in their sense of context. Læs resten

By The Lake Festival – An oasis of music of all ethnicities (live report)

English Feature August 19 2017 image2

Reportage from By the Lake Festival, Berlin, August 13 2017 – Photo and text by Javier Orozco

For the third summer in a row the swimming lake known as Weißensee, located just at the outskirts of the Prenzlauer Berg district, shapeshifted into an international one-day festival curated by Efterklang and the Danish radio station The Lake. Sunday appeared a notch shy, as it denied a full display of its summer potential and rather clothed itself with a patchy blue sky. The weather factor is a volatile entity during the festival season, most would choose sunny over rainy, and an arrangement as By The Lake almost pleas for a sunny day. The festival’s name is self-explanatory, it takes place at a bathing facility by a lake. The ambience was propped to deliver a beach-like sensation: sand, lounge chairs, cold drinks, and a refreshing lake to take a dip between concerts. Læs resten

Olivier Alary – Creating intimacy from purely digital sound

Blog English August 18 2017 OA

By Wieland Rambke

With Olivier Alary’s “Pieces for Sine Wave Oscillators”, California-based label LINE Imprint continues its flow of conceptual and minimalist releases that refuse to draw a line between sound art and music.

At the heart of the compositions assembled here lies a strictly formalized idea: By only resorting to using sine wave oscillators as sound sources, Alary is creating sound that is only electronically possible. Læs resten

Yousuke Nakano – Subtly funking you up

English June 24 2017 1007208585

By Sandra S. Borch

Never judge a cassette by its cover. This time is no exception. The cover of Japanese Yousuke Nakano’s “Joint Statement” is pretty cool. Showing a skeleton with a lit cigarette and a red headline sending a strong bad ass signal with a hint of punk or a hint of noise. However, the inside of the cassette is far from both punk and noise. It contains eleven tracks with enough groove to turn the afterparty into a soulful comedown. Læs resten

Angeles & Internazionale – Desolate electronics and echoes of abandoned spaces

English Kritik April 4 2017 A-I_

Angeles & Internazionale ”Vigilance” (Janushoved, 2017) – Review by Ivna Franić

Copenhagen tape label Janushoved kicked the year off with several new cassette releases of recordings by Liberty Uganda, Mercury Ribbon, Tevere, and one intriguing duo. Angeles & Internazionale is a collaboration between Soho Rezanejad – whom you might have heard on Croatian Amor’s latest record, if nowhere else, and Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley – the head of Janushoved, member of Rosen & Spyddet and man of many other monikers. Although Internazionale has a new solo album coming out on Posh Isolation these days, which might hopefully bring him some well-deserved exposure, the beautiful ”Vigilance” tape with Angeles should not go unnoticed. Læs resten