DJ LAKUTI – Heart, sincerity and compassion (interview)

English February 7 2018


By Sandra S. Borch

To even begin to describe her place in music, it must be noted that Berlin-based DJ Lakuti aka Lerato Khathi from the Johannesburg-township Soweto has been around long enough to have experienced the first wave of house records. She cried on the dance floor, when she heard Fingers Inc’s house anthem “Can You Feel It” for the first time. She has made a name for herself over the past decades, where she has proved herself as a hardworking woman at her own agency Uzuri and admirable selector with her always heartfelt dj-sets and mixes. Passive/Aggressive talked to DJ Lakuti in anticipation of her appearance at CTM festival this year – and about how she moved across the world, for music and love.
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ZULI – Shaping music and culture (interview)

English January 26 2018


By Sandra S. Borch

Based in Cairo ZULI navigates the ancient city in-between numerous amount of different genres with sampling and love for synthesizers, besides producing music, he has been one of the true mainstays working for a healthy scene for electronic and experimental music in the Egyptian capital. Læs resten

Jana Rush – Soulful footwork mutations (interview)

English January 22 2018

By Sandra S. Borch

It is not many people who can say that they aired a dj-set at the age of 10. However, it is exactly the case with the Chicago-based artist Jana Rush who started broadcasting on the local WKKC radio. “I just went straight to turntables and radio,” she cheerfully explains to Passive/Aggressive in this transatlantic interview before going to Europe to perform for the first time.

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A Starry Night by Honeyland Palace – En fotoreportage

Blog English January 16 2018 1

A Starry Night by Honeyland Palace: ML Buch, Scared Crow, Quiet Sonia, Barbara & Marie-Louise, Tobias Kirstein & Jonas Okholm, Minais B, Albert Aagaard Hertz. @ Refshaleøen, Photos af Alexander Mahathai Larsen. Læs resten

Truce & Rosen og Spyddet – Images of desire

English Kritik December 12 2017

rosen og spyddet

Truce “An Olive Branch on the Bed, Pictures of Christ and Military Clothes” (Janushoved, 2017) & Rosen og Spyddet “Fantasia” (Janushoved, 2017) – review by Alexander Julin

Since the label’s first release, the compilation “Ny Dansk Romantik” from 2014, Janushoved has manifested itself as one of the most prominent Danish labels when it comes to synth-oriented lo-fi aesthetics. Back in September, the Copenhagen based label released its latest batch of tapes, counting four new releases: “Uplifter” by Soho Rezanejad, a two-track tape consisting of the title track and a remix by Internazionale; a double-tape by Olympisk Løft entitled “Tvillingeseglet” which is the project’s first release since 2015; “An Olive Branch on the Bed, Pictures of Christ and Military Clothes”, which is the fourth release by Truce; and “Fantasia”, the follow-up to Rosen og Spyddet’s “Drengen Ved Brystet” from last year. Læs resten

Dedekind Cut – Ruly ambiance (live report)

English November 22 2017 IMG_20171108_182305_986

Review by Ivna Franic, Dedekind Cut @ Mayhem, 8.11.2017.

With one of 2016’s finest albums, an excellent recent EP, two great mixtapes and a record deal with Kranky under his belt, Dedekind Cut was easily one of the most significant names to have played in Copenhagen this concert season.

A packed venue on a regular weekday testified to that, the fixed up Mayhem also proving to be a near-perfect setting for Dedekind Cut’s absorbing ritual.

Red candles and the lack of reflector lights set the mood for an intimate evening not quite as ominous as it might have appeared at first, yet not necessarily gentle either. Dedekind Cut, real name Fred Warmsley, starts the set off with a wash of ambiance that doesn’t lead to a potentially expected outburst of noise. Instead, more abrasive parts appear as razor sharp cuts through the ambient (as well as the literal, fog machine generated) haze. Læs resten

Aaron Dilloway – Residential tape experiments (premiere)

Blog English November 15 2017 22053817628-44064287f2-k_page_image

By Simon Christensen

I can’t remember a time in Copenhagen with the music scene being as diverse and inspiring as this. Not only are there plenty of interesting local artists, but the number of great musicians and pioneers who have been visiting, recording or setup new projects in Copenhagen in recent years is at an all time high. I am not only talking about Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and Thurston Moore, but also underground heroes like John Fell Ryan, Dean Blunt, Okkyung Lee, Senyawa, Greg Fox, Roscoe Mitchell, Tyshawn Sorey, and Robert Turman have had residencies and made friends here.

The noise veteran Aaron Dilloway is the latest example, as he joins the Cejero label family with his new LP “Switches”. Læs resten