Click Festival 2018 – a photo reportage

May 21 2018 IMG_1734

Chino Amobi, Amnesia Scanner, Rabit feat. Cecilia and Søs Gunver Ryberg at Click Festival 2018 at Kulturværftet Helsingør.
All photos by Cameron Pagett. (Review coming up…)
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Moor Mother – Haunting the present with a DIY Time Machine

English Feature May 17 2018


By Sandra S. Borch

The revolutionary thinking of Camae Ayewa also known as Moor Mother explores time travel while distorting history as she haunts the presents with her performances spanning from the incisive spoken word, punk attitude and free improvisation. Passive/Aggressive gives an introduction to her work, ahead of her appearance at the forthcoming edition of Click Festival in Elsinor and her return to Kimia, which was announced just a few days ago. Læs resten

Et Andet Sted – Making space for freedom of expression in nightlife (interview)

May 14 2018 unnamed

Interview by Cameron Pagett

An exciting and exclusive sit-down with the men (Thobias Molter, Sebastian Henriksen, Máni Sigurdarson, Mathias Stoffersen, and Søren Kinch) who have started one of Copenhagen’s favourite and most interesting club for DIY Electronic music. In a little under two years past Et Andet Sted started with the goal to bring a Berlin feel to the Copenhagen club scene, and create a safe place for expression in the local Techno and Electronic Community. From the first party until now, It has become an organisation that is firmly establishing itself in the fabric of the Copenhagen and International underground scenes with multiple events each month.

Fresh off a move from their first location in the Industrial region in Grønttorvet, Valby to Monastic club in City Center the club continues to gain notoriety and a broader following in the techno, nightlife and party scenes. Known for their community first and unorthodox features in the Copenhagen club scene, Et Andet Sted remains caught in a tempest of expectation, increasing popularity and the challenges that come with it. We are happy to present an in-depth look at the history of the club, the current situation and a nice view into their hopes and dreams for the coming years. Læs resten

Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia – Artist talk with Cedrik Fermont

English May 5 2018 7. Not your world music – Artist talk with Cedrik Fermont.PICTURE01.jpg

Transcription by Simon Christensen and Javier Orozco.

Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia is a book by Cedrik Fermont and Dimitri della Faille about art, politics, identity, gender and global capitalism. From academic electronic music to do-it-yourself noise in Southeast Asia. Contemporary and past noise, electroacoustic, industrial, experimental music and sound art in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. With political, historical and sociological essays, exclusive interviews with artists and organizers, as well as an extensive bibliography of popular music from Southeast Asia and a thorough discography of noise and experimental music artists.

A compilation, which includes exclusive tracks from artists of these different regions, was released by Fermont’s label Syrphe as a companion to the book. “The compilation is an attempt to cover a varied range of noise and experimental music from Southeast Asia. Limited to just over one hour, the CD format does not allow us to fully cover the richness of the scene,” Syrphe states. “However, we did our best to include a diverse group of artists. We have selected female and male artists, DIY and academically trained musicians, and newcomers and established artists.” Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica 2017.

C-drík is a composer who operates in the field of noise, electronic and electroacoustic sound since 1989, born in Zaire (DR Congo), he lives in Berlin (Germany). He explores electronic, experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa, label manager at Syrphe, concert organiser, author, radio host at Radio Staalplaat and Colaboradio, etc. He published his work on various labels such as Syrphe, Ant-Zen, Hymen, Hushush, Ad Noiseam, Nostalgie De La Boue and many more.

Cedrik Fermont (Syrphe) gave this artist talk at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen in November 2017, hosted by Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen artistic director of the festival Gong Tomorrow. Læs resten

Passive/Aggressive – New nonprofit zine on activism in contemporary music

English April 30 2018 ZINE7

The seventh edition of the ZINE by Passive/Aggressive, which deals with the complex relation between music and politics, is released in April 2018 and distributed at production price. Læs resten

Pernille Abd-El Dayem – At give værket en ny krop (interview)

Feature April 29 2018 116007_5871_74a8dd532e7041af8c7fd1e14ad2db8d_original

Af Ida Selvejer Faaborg

Pernille Abd-El Dayem udgav tidligere i april sin anden bog, “June”. Det er socialrealisme, af den drømmende slags, om relationer, ensomhed, kærligheden til det ødelagte og ønsket om at kunne holde sammen på sig selv. Et par uger inden udgivelsen af “June” blev noget så bemærkelsesværdigt som en titelsang til bogen offentliggjort. Sangen ”Beige Mur Med Z” er lavet af June Orchestra og udkom via det københavnske selskab Visage. Her bliver der gjort brug af klassiske instrumenter som klaver, violin, fløjte og horn, hvor hvert instrument indtager en meget selvstændig plads i sangen og leder tankerne hen på kammermusik. Lyrikken i sangen, der bliver sunget flerstemmigt (men af den samme stemme), er en parafrase af et teksten “En Beige Mur” fra romanen.

Bogen bevæger sig i mellem to tekstspor. Det ene spor kredser om den unge Junes ferieophold, hvor hun dagdrømmende og ensom vandrer rundt i den italienske by Porousa og bl.a. møder den fascinerende og mystiske kvinde Z, som hun famlende indleder et venskab med. Det andet spor indeholder glimtvise erindringer om Junes barndom og opvækst i boligområdet Engrylehaven, med den bestemte mor, den lettere grænseløse morfar og onklen, der er heroinmisbruger og ikke kan holde sammen på sig selv.

P/A mødte Pernille Abd-El Dayem til en snak om romanen, idéen bag titelsangen og om hvad disse to værker gør for hinanden. Læs resten

Zone Collective – Thoughts on how to transgress the algorithms (interview)

Feature April 27 2018 Zone Collective

By Simon Christensen – Photo: Stole it from your Facebook, sorry!

Contributing to a warm and immigration friendly climate in the musical underground, the electronic- and avantgarde-scenes of Copenhagen have been a hub for a lot of great people stopping by Denmark for longer or shorter periods of time. It’s not necessarily a public secret, but, to me at least, it’s something to bear in mind, when I choose my parties.

One of the more overlooked Copenhagen-based organisers is the open collective called ZONE, run by musicians and art school-friends Toby Ridler and Lorenzo Tebano. Toby still lives in Berlin, but is moving to Copenhagen this summer. Zone Collective have been setting up concerts and club nights in Glasgow, London, around the UK, and during the past year touring Europe out of the Copenhagen-base, where Mayhem has been their main playground in public. Læs resten