Eartheater – Live in Copenhagen

May 20 2019

Live report by Cameron Pagett Most of the crowd have finished their food in the lounge outside of Alice CPH on a mild and breezy spring afternoon. I nibble at a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie just after introductions to Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater) and her harp expert travel mate, Marilu. It’s been only a couple minutes and we are already discussing the possibility of having my assistant, who also happens to be an opera singer, join her randomly for ...

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Intonal Festival 2019 – Snapshots from the peripheries

May 8 2019

Intonal Festival, Malmö, April 24-28 – live report by Astrid Hald & Laura Juncker Malmö’s annual Intonal Festival for experimental and electronic music celebrated its 5th edition by presenting a packed programme of acclaimed experimental artists and immersive sound experiences. For five days Inkonst – the city’s independent venue for experimental music and performance – was transformed into a lively red-and-black hub, where the friendly crowd ...

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sega bodega & CPH Power – More than a show

April 29 2019

Reportage and photographs by Cameron Pagett The room of Pumpehuset’s main stage is empty. Empty but for two zany lighting technicians playing DJ to a pair of blinking strobes. On the main stage, there is a metal bar holding a tapestry of thin, vertical, clear plastic panels, which hold a keyboard in a tiny enclosure surrounded by LED lamps quaintly behind them. Directly to the right ...

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Percy Records – having friends over for birthday

February 11 2019

Photo: Cameron Pagett Percy Records 2 years, Mayhem and Bolsjefabrikken, February 2nd 2019 – live report by Ivna Franić It’s almost hard to believe that Copenhagen’s Percy Records has only just turned two. In the brief couple of years it’s been around Percy has come to be more than just a record store, with occasional record release parties and afternoon DJ sets contributing to the ...

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Graham Lambkin, Vilde Tuv & Paisajes – En virkelig god aften i sin sammensathed

December 17 2018

An evening w Graham Lambkin, Vilde Tuv & Paisajes at Mayhem. 29. november 2018 – Reportage af Claus Haxholm, foto af Yuko Zama Aftenen startede med Paisajes, der betyder landskaber – og navnet både som klang og betydning passer ganske godt til en ret retrospektiv form for ambient musik – akustiske pianoer, der bliver afspillet over skyer og tåger af støj og mere harmoniske flader. ...

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Insomnia Festival – Northern Exposure (live report)

November 17 2018

kinoFIN2 barbieriogtromso 2 Insomnia Festival 2018, Tromsø. Reportage by Ivna Franic, 135 mm analogues by Lea Anic. It’s near impossible to talk about the world’s northernmost festival of electronic music without highlighting its distinct geographical position and landscape, so let’s just get that out of the way. Taking place ...

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PAN – Electronic music’s adventurous rebellion turns 10

November 12 2018

PAN PAN 10 Years feat. Bill Kouligas, Puce Mary, Tzusing, Eartheater, Amnesia Scanner, Objekt and M.E.S.H., Berghain, October 2018 – live report by Sandra S. Borch Since its launch 10 years ago, the Berlin-based label has touched noise, drone, improv, techno, dub, ambient, and several other genres, stretching and redefining electronic elegance. PAN is as messy as it is elegant. PAN is complicated. PAN is hard to ...

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