Hedo Hydr8 – a mixtape for your weekend transition

Blog Mixtape June 9 2023

Mix by Hedo Hydr8, text by Mathias Schønberg

As I put on my headphones to listen to this mix, I am on my bike – moving myself into the porous threshold between responsible work-life and all-out weekend. The incontinent territory between states of being. There is a crumbly uncertainty to this space, this gap between different senses of self. Servitude, serviceability, and timely commitment of duties still governs my response system. But as the mix in my headphones intertwines with the feeling of sun on my skin and the rhythmic motion of biking, a sweat starts to break and I cross-fade into a sense of excitement, fear and lust for ungoverned life. Suddenly I can become another thing, a being rather than a function. And my sense of self is neatly scattered across a spectrum of opportunity.

“Mixing as a manifestation of a fluid culture”

Hedo Hydr8 told us about this mix that they “like to play with pre-dispositions and genre-boxes when mixing as they are really interested in mixing as a manifestation of a fluid culture.” – This understanding of mixing as a metaphor or metonymy of transitioning between states of being comes through nicely on this exclusive mix for Passive/Aggressive, and we are proud to present it to you, as you transition into your weekend-self. 

This mix is a wide-ranging journey through bangers new and old. It starts off low tempo blending a wide array of influences from the late great Nipsey Hussle to the post-militant aesthetics of Nazar. The mix ends in all-out rave madness, featuring two tracks from Hedo Hydr8’s forthcoming IDENTITY SAMPLER III release, including an Amor Satyr remix of their upcoming track BLOOD DANCER.

Hedo Hydr8 is a Copenhagen based producer and DJ. They throw raves, perform contemporary club music and runs the label Affected.


Cassius Select – Where Your Money At

Josi Devil – Breathe Easy

Nazar – Airstrike ft. SP Shannen

Amor Satyr – Nah

Toumba – Sab3awi

Flore – Base IQ

Mosca – Lashes

Florentino – Xcuse Me

Leonce – Gatherer

Mor Elian – Double Dip

Scuba + Nikki Nair – Expression

Client_03 – Principal Excitation Conduit

Ziyiz – Engineerd Vessels

GRRL – Operator

Doctor Jeep – Push The Body

Amor Satyr – Psychic Water



Tzusing – Residual Stress

Slikback – FROST

Client_03 – Autonomous Correction


Minor Science – Workahol

HEDO HYDR8 – BLOOD DANCER (Amor Satyr Remix)