Zone Collective – Thoughts on how to transgress the algorithms (interview)

Feature April 27 2018 Zone Collective

By Simon Christensen – Photo: Stole it from your Facebook, sorry!

Contributing to a warm and immigration friendly climate in the musical underground, the electronic- and avantgarde-scenes of Copenhagen have been a hub for a lot of great people stopping by Denmark for longer or shorter periods of time. It’s not necessarily a public secret, but, to me at least, it’s something to bear in mind, when I choose my parties.

One of the more overlooked Copenhagen-based organisers is the open collective called ZONE, run by musicians and art school-friends Toby Ridler and Lorenzo Tebano. Toby still lives in Berlin, but is moving to Copenhagen this summer. Zone Collective have been setting up concerts and club nights in Glasgow, London, around the UK, and during the past year touring Europe out of the Copenhagen-base, where Mayhem has been their main playground in public. Læs resten