Young Bragi – Sitting Close To A Stranger (mixtape)

Mixtape January 25 2020

Text and mixtape by Alexander Holm “Sitting Close To A Stranger” presents unreleased tracks of Young Bragi along side favourite harp artists and storytellers. Among many darlings it features Alice Coltrane, Andreas Vollenweider and Dorothy Ashby. It features a live recording of Dawda Jorbateh from his concert at next door record shop Insula Musicʼs last day before closing down (RIP). It features the theme song of the ...

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die Reihe – Sitting in a room with a Vocoder

Kritik October 11 2018

die-reihe die Reihe – Vocoder (Anòmia, 2018), review by Mikkel Rørbo. “Vocoder” is Jack Callahan’s new EP under the die Reihe moniker. We are told that much in the first few seconds listening to said record. All of “Vocoder” is focused around the reading of a text by Callahan explaining e.g. the history of the vocoder and the components of the EP’s sections; there is a ...

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