Argot – Lydcollager med jægerens hjerteslag som puls

Blog October 9 2017 argot_cover

Af Emil Néné Rasmussen

Jeg er stor fan af Argots bånd ”Appeal” fra 2015. Numrene på det bånd er rørende på en måde, som jeg kun kalde for simpel. Numrene har en helt skamløs tendens til blot at give sine følelser frit løb. Synthpop i en helt igennem erotisk, industriel og frustrerende forklædning.

Nu er det cirka to år siden, at Blodrøde Floder udgav det bånd, og noget har tilsyneladende ændret sig. Argot har med sin nye udgivelse, ”Røde Horn”, der udkom på Posh Isolation i september, skiftet sin glatte slangeham ud med pelset og stridt bjørneskind. Læs resten


English Feature January 19 2014 WANDAGROUPLIVE

Af Andreas Syr

The music of Brighton based musician and artist Louis Johnstone is not easily grasped and held on to. Especially not in words. As WANDA GROUP he has released a barrage of damaged ambient music on labels such as Opal Tapes, Vlek and, most recently, NNA Tapes which has just released his latest record, the ominously titled “A Slab About Being Held Captive”. The disembodied drones, fragmented beats and hissing, crackling field recordings that Johnstone assembles into murky collages, has made people compare him to everything from Iannis Xenakis to The Caretaker, but as this interview clearly shows, WANDA GROUP is a musical entity entirely of its own making.

The new mix “A GANG NOT WORTH SHIT” that he’s created for Passive/Aggressive (which is really not so much a mix as a completely new composition) perfectly showcases the strange romance of his noisy assemblages: The harsh and melancholic edifices of found and manipulated sounds that WANDA GROUP erects are both alien and strangely familiar, like half-remembered dreams – and it is in the thousand cracks and fissures between the parts that the world and human experience seeps through and lights them in a soft, organic glow. We also asked him a couple of questions about his work, life and artistic practice, which it turned out was hard to distinguish from one another… Læs resten