Epic Vinyls from Brazil PAB-1 (mixtape)

Blog English August 15 2015 Mix_PA_EVFB_Pics6

Mixtape and liner notes by Rasmus Schack / Epic Vinyls from Brazil.

When you live in Brazil as a foreigner, you come to a certain point where you have to ask yourself; what happened to the native population? And where are they?

And as a DJ/researcher you wonder if there exists an influence on the Brazilian music. My first meeting with native Brazilians was in a hectic environment in the eviction-targeted old Indian Museum next to Maracanã Stadium in Rio and then on a Sunday street market in Porto Alegre, Brazil’s southernmost state capital where I bought jewelery and figurines off a small group that hardly spoke Portuguese.

And then suddenly, a day in November 2014 at a street vendor’s stall in Recife, Pernambuco, before my eyes appeared an album entitled “Xingú”. Læs resten