CTM Festival 2018 – Entanglements, attractions and contradictions

English February 20 2018

Ralph LarmannReportage from CTM 2018 – Turmoil 26.1. – 4.2 in Berlin by Sandra S. Borch, Photos: Ralph Larmann, Udo Siegfriedt, Camille Blake og Isla Kriss

“The world is in turmoil” declares the CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art in the programme. The festival has long been notorious for its critical voice in music culture finding grounds within the turbulent political climate we are witnessing today and taking a strong stand against inequality and essentialist identity politics of all sorts. With a rich and diverse programme of concerts, performances and lectures showcases music from different aspect. Here are some thoughts on the festival and some music highlights during this year’s edition of CTM festival in Berlin.

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