食品まつり a.k.a. Foodman – Discovering a world for your own originality (interview)

English March 25 2017 20161006_231108

Interview by Simon Christensen. Translation by Anna Vicario. Originally printed in ZINE 6 in 2016.

Japanese artist Takahide Higuchi is known under the alias Foodman as an adventurous traveler in electronic music. His art plays on other musical styles of the world, but is based in the Japanese juke movement, the eclectic gaming world and culture of his native Yokohama.

Originally inspired by bass-heavy dance music and an avant-garde angle on footwork, he has later mixed his approach up in a collage art that is based on samples, intertextuality and naive melodies to create a personal dream world. This is more evident than ever on his latest release, “Ez Minzoku” – his most ambitious and arguably most diverse and weirdest effort yet. Læs resten

Passive/Aggressive – New magazine gets international release

Blog October 3 2016 IMG_20161003_170731

The sixth edition of the ZINE by Passive/Aggressive is out in October 2016. For the first time it is written in English and will therefore be distributed worldwide in the coming month.

The new magazine is titled “Locating Electronic Music” and focuses on new electronic music in the widest understanding imaginable. Artist interviews, in-depth features, a festival reportage and thoughts on the meeting between dance music and the avant-garde. Læs resten