Festival of Endless Gratitude 2017 – Sketching the outer edges of sound (reportage)


Festival of Endless Gratitude 2017, Sydhavnsgade, September 29-October 1. Reportage by Javier Orozco – photos by Stefan Thorndahl, videos by Morten Sichlau Bruun.

The chant of ‘Gabestok! Gabestok!’ pervaded the air anticipating the Copenhagen-duo’s ground level performance. As soon as their sonic assault was unleashed, the choir became all fists and mosh pit. Those of us who stepped out of the rumble still felt the local duo’s menacing short set, underneath the building’s wooden structure and amongst the art installations these moments screamed punk as fuck. Minutes later British experimental-duo Gnod’s divisive and largely improvised performance was well worth a what-the-fuck. These performances separated merely by minutes could not have been more different from each other. And this was only halfway into the second night of the 10th edition of Festival of Endless Gratitude.

Over the course of the last years this annual festival has created a cross-disciplinary space that gathers art-installations, analogue projections, film, performances and chiefly music (with a vigorous focus on sonic expansion and diversity); simultaneously it has provided a platform for experimental and underground local bands, while offering rare performances by international cult acts (Faust, RP Boo, Arpanet). Along with its determined aesthetic selection the festival has kept a devoted DIY spirit which is tangible in different facets of its personality: the active audio engineers, the food and drinks, and the way the premises are appropriated. At the core FoEG feels as the love-child of music enthusiasts with an ear for the peripheral and the uncharted; at its best one feels like crashing a large party of music enthusiasts. Læs resten

Festival of Endless Gratitude 2014 offentliggør den fulde karaktertegning

Feature October 31 2014

Af Simon Christensen

Den sædvanligvis forsinkede og fremragende kuraterede Festival of Endless Gratitude er klar med det fulde program, som fortsat balancerer kultikoner, den frie musik, internationale outsidere og dansk galskab.

Festivalens hovednavne er de tyske krautrock-eksperimentalister Faust, som giver sin første koncert nogensinde i København, den amerikanske komponist, minimalist & visuelle kunstner Charlemagne Palestine og franske Richard Pinhas, som var frontmand i Heldon i 70’erne, men hele programmet er så sige sprængfyldt af karakter. Læs resten