Intonal Festival 2023 – Bold Choices

Blog May 17 2023

Intonal Festival, 26th–30th of April, Malmö. Review by Ivna Franic, Photos by Camilla Rehnstrand Malmö’s Intonal Festival has made it a part of its image to present lineups that don’t necessarily fit the usual European festival mold. At first glance, the festival’s 2023 program gave the impression that the curators were either extremely daring or knew their audience very well. Or, who ...

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Laila Sakini and Thomas Bush – Tangible Intimacy

Blog March 13 2023

After a quiet winter period that offered very few exciting gigs, March has seen the new concert season kick off in full swing. FELT – the Copenhagen-based record label/promoter entity run by Perko – provided a real treat last Thursday in the form of a double bill featuring Laila Sakini and Thomas Bush.

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Rhizome – Spreading the roots

Feature March 3 2023

Feature by Ivna Franic, photo: Rhizome label logo Over the past couple of years, the Copenhagen-based label Rhizome has put out a string of eclectic releases that cover different fields of experimental music. Their 2021 compilation bag/belly/box, conceptually based around the essay ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’, provides perhaps the best glimpse into the Rhizome universe. In the essay, Ursula K. ...

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Festival of Endless Gratitude – Reconfigured and re-enchanted

November 2 2021

Stefan Lakatos & Bengt Tribukait Festival of Endless Gratitude, October 22, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen – live report by Ivna Franic, photos: Keith Canisius After years of mostly taking place at KPH Volume, the 2020 edition of Festival of Endless Gratitude was held at Nørrebro’s Koncertkirken. This year, the awesomely titled festival took on a whole new shape, spanning several separate dates and three different venues. The journey started ...

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Rhizome – Gatherers, Not Hunters

Kritik April 28 2021

Various Artists: “bag/belly/box” (Rhizome, 2021) – review by Ivna Franic “One relationship among elements in the novel may well be that of conflict, but the reduction of narrative to conflict is absurd. (I have read a how-to-write manual that said, “A story should be seen as a battle,” and went on about strategies, attacks, victory, etc). Conflict, competition, stress, struggle, etc., within the narrative conceived as ...

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Make it Weirder – The Copenhagen Scene from an International Perspective

Feature Most read November 18 2019

By Ivna Franic The periodic excitement over locally specific music scenes appears to be alive and well, having successfully survived the beginning of the Internet age and the still rising tendency of geographically displaced scenes. It would be a stretch to say that the functioning of local scenes has not at all changed, but despite the fact that the ability to publish music releases and build up an international fanbase have become easier, reliance on the immediate ...

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Click Festival 2019 – Strategies of resistance (a live report)

June 5 2019

Prison ReligionPhoto by Stine Sophie Winckel Click Festival 2019, 18-19th of May @ Kulturværftet, Helsingør – reportage by Ivna Franic. Taking place one weekend in May, Helsingør’s Click Festival presents a tight selection of music and art performances, talks, installations and screenings spread over two days. Now in its ninth year, the latest edition of Click saw the music program cutting down on headliners more than ever ...

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Heather Leigh – Unsettling intimacy

Kritik December 8 2018

heatherleigh Heather Leigh: Throne (Editions Mego, 2018) – review by Ivna Franic. If you’re at least somewhat familiar with Heather Leigh’s music − be it by way of the stunning 2015 album “I Abused Animal”, her recent duo with Peter Brötzmann or especially her earlier, live-recorded material − you would be forgiven to be slightly taken by surprise by “Throne”’s opening lines. “You’re so interesting”, enchants ...

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