Oneohtrix Point Never – Seething out of the lost signal

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Oneohtrix Point Never “Age Of” (Warp, 2018) – review by Mikkel Rørbo, photo: Blake Wood

If you search for Oneohtrix Point Never on your favorite search engine or hegemonic digital platform, you’ll be told that Daniel Lopatin has been at it for quite a while, “Age Of” is (approximately) the 10th studio album from his hand and it is put out on seminal electronic label Warp. He has been busy doing a number of collaborations recently as well as scoring the movie “Good Time”. It shows on “Age Of”. There is a cinematic, narrative quality here for sure – I will get to that – and a number of the collaborators feature on the album, notably ANOHNI, but furthermore with contributions from percussionist Eli Keszler, noise superstar Prurient, keyboardist Kelsey Lu and producer James Blake.

“Age Of” is undeniably a great, albeit complicated, pop album. In my opinion it is in fact the best material from Lopatin to date, in turns extremely satisfying and challenging. It is great music, but that’s not why you keep coming back, as I’m sure many familiar with his previous work will recognize. OPN as a project has always been meticulous and extremely self-conscious about its inner workings and reference points, to me at least this has always been part of its appeal, but on “Age Of” this has been pronounced to an extreme degree, made into a conceptual point in itself. His previous album, “Garden of Delete”, also followed a conceptual story, so this conceptuality is hardly new for Oneohtrix Point Never – and indeed “Age Of” and “Myriad”, his current touring ‘concertscape’, follow a rough sci-fi narrative of omniscient AIs that want nothing more than to be dumb as humanity currently is. Fun stuff. Læs resten

Instant (coffee) wrap up – Roskilde Festival 2013

Feature July 9 2013 goat

Roskilde Festival er overstået for i år, en god en af slagsen med flere pletskud, specielt på hovedfestivalen. Vi dækkede hurlumhejet hele ugen på Instagram, her er årets indtryk ifølge redaktionen garneret med udvalgte mobilskud. Se flere billeder på @pasaggressive.

Årets voodoo-ritual: Goat. Årets koncert!

Årets mest seriøse test af bassens bundniveau på Gloria: Andy Stott. Læs resten