By The Lake Festival – An oasis of music of all ethnicities (live report)

English Feature August 19 2017 image2

Reportage from By the Lake Festival, Berlin, August 13 2017 – Photo and text by Javier Orozco

For the third summer in a row the swimming lake known as Weißensee, located just at the outskirts of the Prenzlauer Berg district, shapeshifted into an international one-day festival curated by Efterklang and the Danish radio station The Lake. Sunday appeared a notch shy, as it denied a full display of its summer potential and rather clothed itself with a patchy blue sky. The weather factor is a volatile entity during the festival season, most would choose sunny over rainy, and an arrangement as By The Lake almost pleas for a sunny day. The festival’s name is self-explanatory, it takes place at a bathing facility by a lake. The ambience was propped to deliver a beach-like sensation: sand, lounge chairs, cold drinks, and a refreshing lake to take a dip between concerts. Læs resten