Forest Drive West – Funktionel klubmusik langs en reverb-tåget stikvej

Kritik November 14 2018

Forest Drive West “Apparitions” (Livity Sound, 2018) – Anmeldelse af Emil Grarup

Med en perlerække af udgivelser fra navne som Peverelist, Kowton, Hodge og Simo Cell, der alle er både subtilt raffinerede og intuitivt fængende, har pladeselskabet Livity Sound spillet en væsentlig rolle for jungle, drum ‘n’ bass og de andre UK-stilarter i og omkring især Bristol. Netop føjet til denne diskografi er et album fra London-baserede Joe Baker, der nok er bedre kendt under pseudonymet Forest Drive West. Albummet har fået titlen “Apparitions” og er det første længere udspil fra Baker, som førhen har udgivet singler og EP’er på selskaber som Rupture London, Neighbourhood, Appian Sounds samt tre 12’ere på Livity Sound og underselskabet Dnuos Ytivil.
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Lost Lands Festival 2018 – Partying and experimenting with the apocalyptic hippies (live report)

English August 26 2018 LLX

Lost Lands Festival, Copenhagen, August 17-18 – review by Wieland Rambke, photos: Cameron Pagett

For its third installment this year, Lost Lands seized the grounds of a small space on Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen and transformed it into a magical clearing. Approaching the festival a day before it started, the first thing I saw was the shape of a rusty boat hall, lying in the landscape like an enormous metal bug. It turned out to be the indoor stage, where half of the concerts where held.

Outside again, I came upon a yard framed and dominated by fresh, solid wood work. This, I learned, was the outdoor stage and bar area. Set between decaying industrial architecture and natural overgrowth, this spot on Refshaleøen became a fitting place for a festival that seeks to combine bold, decidedly left-field and challenging electronic music from a multitude of genre directions. Noise, ambient, hardcore techno, synth-pop: All these attributions dissolved and became irrelevant. Both in the concerts of many individual artists, as well as their combination as a whole. The whole point of the festival is not to cater to a specific field or genre, but to provide a place for those with a love/passion/obsession for unusual and daring music. This element, common to the artists, the audience and the organizers, made for two days of ever-surprising concerts. Læs resten