Festskrift IV – Passive/Aggressive releases new publication about RHYTHM

Print February 26 2021

Today Passive/Aggressive is releasing the fourth edition of our Festskrift-series – a line of publications aiming to give artists and cultural actors a chance to unfold their thoughts and visions about a given topic and by the same token attempts to provoke such reflection. Festskrift IV is a collection of reflections around the phenomenon of RHYTHM – written, illustrated and recorded by musicians, graphic designers, DJ’s and ...

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Erna – Intens percussion-oplevelse på nyt dansk label

Blog June 14 2018

a3748201472_10 Af Ida Selvejer Faaborg Duoen Erna, der består af Kristian Paulsen og Anders Bach, udsendte tidligere i år udgivelsen “Pan” på det nye københavnske label Wetwear. Foruden “Pan” har Wetware udgivet to andre udgivelser: “Appropriate” af duoen JUICE., som også udgøres af Paulsen og Bach, samt “BLDG” af Anders Bach og Lars Bech Pilgaard under pseudonymet H E X. “Pan” er en intens percussion-oplevelse, der ...

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