In the memory of Murat Üf Yaa (1983-2013)

English Feature January 31 2014 1522660_10151875327509786_969583422_o

Af Ralf Christensen

The great musician, artist, activist and our dearest friend Murat Ali Can aka Murat Üf Yaa died of cancer on Friday the 13th of December. It took 40 days from the diagnosis until his mind-numbingly early death. All his many friends and a little family buried him on Saturday the 14th at a cemetery outside Izmir in the same grave as his mother. It’s full of sunlight in the afternoon and the evening. He will be and is already being missed like crazy.

Murat came to Copenhagen in April 2013 and did three solo shows at Global with T.R. Kirstein/S.B. Nielsen, at Frosen Fisk at Vesterbro and at that great night in Henning Young (with Af Med Hovedet). At this point he was a big part of the alternative Turkish music scene and he went to Denmark for a brief period before facing 15 months of military service back in Turkey. Læs resten