Princess Nokia – “Don’t you fuck with my energy” (live review)

English February 12 2017 PN

Princess Nokia, LSDXOXO @ Sigurdsgade, 7.2.2017 – review by Ivna Franić / photo: Lea Anić

“I step in this bitch and I do what I want
I don’t give a damn and I don’t give a fuck”

As hoped for, Princess Nokia stays true to her words – giving neither a damn nor a fuck as she tears down Sigurdsgade. She doesn’t waste any time either, dropping two of her biggest (or at least most recent) hits early into the show. The amusing “Tomboy” proves to be a good choice for kicking things off, and following it up with the combative “Kitana” definitely helps maintain the high level of energy on stage as well as in the crowd. Although such strategy can be risky due to its potential to make the rest of the show seem less intense, it paid off. Princess Nokia thankfully had enough inspiration to keep things cranked up to 11 for most of her performance. It probably also helped that so much happened during the show, it’s difficult to recount. Læs resten