Elysia Crampton & Why Be – Only mine, only yours (live)

Blog June 10 2018 IMG_1551

Live review of Elysia Crampton: ‘Red Clouds’ feat. Why Be 17.05.2018 at Alice by Cameron Pagett.

“You used to work in the LA scene? So like The Smell?” It’s only a few moments into my first interaction with Elysia Crampton and we are already reaching back deep into California DIY Roots. It always brings me a certain warmth when people mention the international temples of good underground music and certainly one where I got my first taste of a certain texture of freedom. The Bolivian-born composer, producer and writer grew up in the Inland Empire, an area associated with many things, but certainly not a place with a likely trajectory for an experimental artist. With the backdoor open to the venue and light breeze filtering the backstage room, she relaxes languidly on the sofa straightening her hair as we converse. She is a good listener, and I’m not sure how much I can recall of the conversation but it had a flow that I feel reflected the attitude and energy of the evening.

Outside the patio was filling in with the energy of the gentle breeze, a sort of non-frivolous, melodic and rhythmic flow of faces ready to share in the final Proton show of the scheduled season. A friend approaches me and mentions the first set which will be played by Berlin-based and former Copenhagen resident Tobias Lee with his solo project Why Be. Having never heard him play live I was also curious, and even more so when I found out that Elysia and he would be sharing the stage in a joint performance. Crampton’s ‘epic poem’, “Demon City”, was produced in collaboration with, among others, Why Be and Chino Amobi, and their joint performance this evening was a showcase for her upcoming project, “Red Clouds”. Læs resten