Dedekind Cut – Ruly ambiance (live report)

November 22 2017

IMG_20171108_182305_986 Review by Ivna Franic, Dedekind Cut @ Mayhem, 8.11.2017. With one of 2016’s finest albums, an excellent recent EP, two great mixtapes and a record deal with Kranky under his belt, Dedekind Cut was easily one of the most significant names to have played in Copenhagen this concert season. A packed venue on a regular weekday testified to that, the fixed up Mayhem also proving to ...

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Jacob Kirkegaard – Sound-in-itself as a political statement (interview)

Feature June 8 2015

recordingStigma_TakashiArai Interview by Jockel Liess and Mette Slot Johnsen – photo: Katinka Fogh Vindelev, Takashi Arai and Jacob Kirkegaard Jacob Kirkegaard has just come back from a last visit to his first major solo exhibition at Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art, “Earside Out”. An exhibition which displayed Kirkegaard’s work as a sound artist, although his body of work spreads into field recordings, film sound, photography as ...

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