Maria W Horn – A haunted soundtrack for the dismantling of the misogynist traditions

English Kritik October 18 2018 Skærmbillede 2018-10-15 kl. 21.53.21

Maria W Horn “Kontrapoetik” (co-released by XKatedral and Portal Editions, 2018) – review by Sandra S. Borch

What caused the Swedish composer Maria W Horn’s sounds of burning turmoil is a combination of the sound itself and the intense narrative which she has based her album upon. Maria W Horn explores the past of her home region, Ångermanland, in the north of Sweden. The region is the site of Sweden’s largest documented execution of women accused of witchcraft in 1674 in the form of burning and decapitations. This theme is extremely explicit through the entire album. It comes with a thorough description of mystery, death, ill-fated dogmas, and this is the sound you can hear on the record. She is not out for blood nor revenge. The title alone points at something not poetic, something far from romantic and idyllic. The album is a mirror of horror, a form of skillfully engineered intensity. Læs resten