Ying-Hsueh Chen – “ I still believe that true freedom comes from being rooted in discipline” (interview)

August 18 2023

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by Malthe Folke Ivarsson Over the years, the Copenhagen-based Taiwaneese artist Ying-Hsueh Chen has manifested herself as somewhat of a singular artist in the Danish art music scene due to both her own music as a percussionist, her compositions for other ensembles, the concert series “Ancestral Modernism” and her impressive performances of, among others, Iannis Xenakis’ ...

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Intonal Festival 2023 – Bold Choices

Blog May 17 2023

Intonal Festival, 26th–30th of April, Malmö. Review by Ivna Franic, Photos by Camilla Rehnstrand Malmö’s Intonal Festival has made it a part of its image to present lineups that don’t necessarily fit the usual European festival mold. At first glance, the festival’s 2023 program gave the impression that the curators were either extremely daring or knew their audience very well. Or, who ...

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Festskrift IV – Passive/Aggressive releases new publication about RHYTHM

Print February 26 2021

Today Passive/Aggressive is releasing the fourth edition of our Festskrift-series – a line of publications aiming to give artists and cultural actors a chance to unfold their thoughts and visions about a given topic and by the same token attempts to provoke such reflection. Festskrift IV is a collection of reflections around the phenomenon of RHYTHM – written, illustrated and recorded by musicians, graphic designers, DJ’s and ...

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Ying-Hsueh Chen – Connecting the raw and the abstract (interview)

Feature May 11 2017

Ninh YH merge brighter Af Simon Christensen Slagtøjsspiller Ying-Hsueh Chen er født i Taiwan, har studeret i Californien, New York og i København, hvor hun i dag bor og lever som ‘moderne klassisk’ multiinstrumentalist, improvisator og underviser. Interessant nok er det nu med Ying-Hsueh selv i rollen som koncertarrangør, at hun flytter grænserne for sit udtryk – i øvrigt både som percussionist og på piano, ...

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