“Unfuck the World, You Stupid Girl” – If Grimes is the Villain What Does That Make Us?

Feature April 9 2020

An essay about pop music and the climate crisis with Grimes as a case study. “Miss Anthropocene” is out now on 4AD. Written by Macon Holt. Grimes, Claire Boucher, C, or indeed the eponymous “Miss Anthropocene”, has gone to a lot of trouble to invent alter egos for herself as a part of her creative practice. But reading the swathe of not-mad-but-disappointed reviews of ...

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One Take Records – Ny kompilation med danske og internationale navne

Blog April 2 2020

One Take Records “The Singles – Vol. I” (One Take Records, 2020) – tekst af Nils Bloch. Det københavnske pladeselskab One Take Records slipper i dag deres første udgivelse i 2020, kompilationen “The Singles – Vol. I”, der byder på bidrag fra danske såvel som internationale artister fra Tyrkiet over Berlin til Storbritanien.

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Peter Voss-Knude – “Danish politics are the mother of this record”

Feature March 4 2020

Feature/Interview by Macon Holt “Danish politics are the mother of this record”, Peter Voss-Knude told me in a small cafe around the corner from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, where his new exhibition, “The Anti-Terror Album”, manifest both as an exhibition and a record, has just opened. He is of course referring both to recent policies that have seen threats of refugees having whatever ...

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Alexander Holm – The Understated Sci-Fi of “GiVa1G”

Blog Kritik February 24 2020

Alexander Holm “GiVa1G” (Sensorisk Verden, 2019) – Review by Macon Holt Known for his work with Vid Edda, Group 4K, Young Bragi amongst others, the prolific Danish sound artist, Alexander Holm, released “GiVa1G” last year, the first album under his own name. “GiVa1G” is a high concept suite of pieces that draw much of their material from field recordings made on an expedition to ...

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Kirstine Lindemann – Movement that carries an inner state

February 14 2020

Performance recommendation by Macon Holt Later this month, Danish composer, performer and recorder player, Kirstine Lindemann, will start a tour of Denmark to showcase a collection of both earlier and new compositions with collaborators Yiran Zhao and Irene Bianco amongst others. Known for previous work such as the piece Breath (2018) and her ongoing project with Zhao, OTHER EYE, Lindemann is an artist who’s ...

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