House of Furies, 28 min. 16 mm transferred to digital file. Denmark, 2019.

Directors: Pernille Lystlund & Nanna Rebekka
Producer: Tine Mikkelsen
Director of Photography: Thomas Dyrholm

Original Soundtrack by Aske Zidore & Pernille Zidore

The film is an institutional ghost story that takes its starting point in an unemployment center in the middle of Copenhagen which recently went bankrupt. Those who should have helped others find work through courses and PowerPoint presentations about competence optimization, are now unemployed themselves. Plastic plants, old ring binders and outdated Xerox machines are all that is left in the grey basement premises on Ryesgade. One hundred years ago, the same building was a workhouse for the poor, and today it has been taken over by the local departments of American test centres for the recently unemployed. In this mausoleum of idleness, a clairvoyant man wanders around and establishes an occult contact to the dreams and sufferings of the past, while a restless 16mm camera scans the empty corridors as if it was trying to map the tragic inner architecture of emptiness.