MadeiraDiG 2018 – Notes on island mentality

Blog January 17 2019
Damien Dubrovnik – photo by Roland Owsnitzki

Live report by Mette Slot Johnsen

I grew up on a small island in Denmark, and I live on a big one in London, UK. I’ve never thought of island mentality a lot beyond instinctively wanting to escape it, but with Brexit looming I wanted to revisit island mentality and what it means. When I came across MadeiraDiG, an avantgarde music festival taking place in December on Madeira, it seemed like a perfect place to go explore and reflect on the term.

When I began writing this I was gazing at the Atlantic Ocean, a small lizard nibbling my toes. It didn’t feel quite real then. It still doesn’t. Læs resten

PAN – Electronic music’s adventurous rebellion turns 10

English November 12 2018


PAN 10 Years feat. Bill Kouligas, Puce Mary, Tzusing, Eartheater, Amnesia Scanner, Objekt and M.E.S.H., Berghain, October 2018 – live report by Sandra S. Borch

Since its launch 10 years ago, the Berlin-based label has touched noise, drone, improv, techno, dub, ambient, and several other genres, stretching and redefining electronic elegance. PAN is as messy as it is elegant. PAN is complicated. PAN is hard to categorize neatly in specific words because we do not have such nuanced language for talking about music yet. Sandra S. Borch reports from PAN’s 10 year-celebration at Berghain, where PAN is still in the forefront of a scene that is far more complex than the common refrain of “adventurous electronic music” would suggest.

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Hyperreality Festival – Shaking up contemporary club culture (live report)

Blog June 17 2017


Hyperreality Festival, Vienna, May 24-27 2017 – review by Ivna Franić, photo: Lea Anić

A new addition to the yearly cultural festival Wiener Festwochen, Hyperreality Festival for Club Culture took place over four days at the end of May at Schloss Neugebäude, a 16th century castle complex on the outskirts of Vienna. Austria already being home to quite a few strong festivals with different concepts and/or settings – such as Donaufestival in Krems and Elevate in Graz – the time has come for the capital to strike back. And it did so with one of the strongest lineups of the year so far, at least for the underground/experimental electronic music enthusiasts.

With the usual European idea of club music making up for only a small part of the whole experience, Hyperreality delivers on its promise of focusing on “underrepresented musical currents” and questioning the dominant club paradigms. Læs resten