CTM Festival 2018 – Entanglements, attractions and contradictions

February 20 2018

Ralph LarmannReportage from CTM 2018 – Turmoil 26.1. – 4.2 in Berlin by Sandra S. Borch, Photos: Ralph Larmann, Udo Siegfriedt, Camille Blake og Isla Kriss “The world is in turmoil” declares the CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art in the programme. The festival has long been notorious for its critical voice in music culture finding grounds within the turbulent political climate we are ...

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DJ LAKUTI – Heart, sincerity and compassion (interview)

February 7 2018

Lakuti3 By Sandra S. Borch To even begin to describe her place in music, it must be noted that Berlin-based DJ Lakuti aka Lerato Khathi from the Johannesburg-township Soweto has been around long enough to have experienced the first wave of house records. She cried on the dance floor, when she heard Fingers Inc’s house anthem “Can You Feel It” for the first time. She ...

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ZULI – Shaping music and culture (interview)

January 26 2018

KIK By Sandra S. Borch Based in Cairo ZULI navigates the ancient city in-between numerous amount of different genres with sampling and love for synthesizers, besides producing music, he has been one of the true mainstays working for a healthy scene for electronic and experimental music in the Egyptian capital.

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Jana Rush – Soulful footwork mutations (interview)

January 22 2018

jana2 By Sandra S. Borch It is not many people who can say that they aired a dj-set at the age of 10. However, it is exactly the case with the Chicago-based artist Jana Rush who started broadcasting on the local WKKC radio. “I just went straight to turntables and radio,” she cheerfully explains to Passive/Aggressive in this transatlantic interview before going to Europe to ...

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