Body2Body – Quenching Aarhus’ thirst for hard music (interview)

Blog English March 13 2019
DJ Lag

Body2Body, March 16th & 22nd @ TAPE, Aarhus – live preview by Ivna Franic

Aarhus is in for two pretty sickening events this month – headlined by Lee Gamble and DJ Lag, respectively, and organized by Body2Body, a local club night promoting genre-bending music, pairing cutting edge international acts with leading local talent, and putting a focus on the visuals.

Body2Body has so far put on events featuring acts like DJ Nigga Fox, Jana Rush, RP Boo, DJ PayPal and others, with the two forthcoming events following a similar trail. One could even get the impression that tense club music styles such as ghetto-tech, ghetto house, juke or grime are much more of a “thing” in Aarhus than they are on the techno-dominated Copenhagen scene.

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Percy Records – having friends over for birthday

February 11 2019
Photo: Cameron Pagett

Percy Records 2 years, Mayhem and Bolsjefabrikken, February 2nd 2019 – live report by Ivna Franić

It’s almost hard to believe that Copenhagen’s Percy Records has only just turned two. In the brief couple of years it’s been around Percy has come to be more than just a record store, with occasional record release parties and afternoon DJ sets contributing to the place’s image of a social hub for local DJs, artists, electronic music fans and vinyl aficionados. It’s small wonder, then, that Percy’s second birthday celebration was all about chill atmosphere and friendly vibes.

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Age Coin – Techno med adrenalinkicket som puls

Kritik October 23 2018


Age Coin “She Who Sold Me Told Me” (Posh Isolation, 2018) – anmeldelse af Emil Grarup

For nylig udgav den efterhånden rutinerede københavnske technoduo Age Coin EP’en “She Who Sold Me Told Me”. Simon Formann, forhenværende guitarist i postpunkkvartetten Lower og nu aktiv med technoprojektet Yen Towers og som medlem af eksperimentalpop-trioen Khalil, udgør den ene halvdel. Kristian Emdal, forhenværende bassist i Lower, nuværende i Marching Church, udgør den anden. EP’en er deres syvende udspil og er, ligesom størstedelen af deres forrige udgivelser, udkommet på pladeselskabet Posh Isolation.

Rutinen til trods virker det dog ikke til, at duoen er gået ned hverken i tempo eller intensitet. Snarere tværtimod, hvis man tager udgangspunkt i “She Who Sold Me Told Me” og deres EP fra tidligere i år, “Maybe Fake Is What I Like”. Begge byder på industrielle techno-kompositioner, der placerer sig i den hidsige ende af skalaen. Læs resten

Yves Tumor – Perfectly unpredictable (live report)

English April 2 2018

Yves Tumor Mayhem 10

Yves Tumor, Khalil, Scandinavian Star and Soho Rezanejad hosted by Lowlife Scum and Knife Magazine at Mayhem 23.3.2018. Review and all photos by Cameron Pagett.

“Don’t fuck with my shield! Don’t fuck with my shield! …”

It’s the fourth and final set on a crowded Mayhem night and the headliner Yves Tumor has broken or rather, ripped his way through his plastic cage which had separated him from the audience for much of the first portion of his set. The music, or rather the drilling, cerebral, sordid symphony of siren like noise complete with jackhammering, invasive vocals called from the fog for a sense of security. Young men scurried from the imaginary room once partitioned by painter’s plastic which still adorned the majority of empty wallspace in the room.

“Don’t fuck with my shield! Don’t fuck with my shield!” Cries for respect in the midst of full body assault sound filled the space momentarily. Yves stares into a young woman’s eyes standing beyond the table with his controls resting on it. Stares into her eyes possessed with the same madness jolting from the speakers. This is aggressive. Engage or leave.

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