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Mixtape by Chris Shields, introduction by Simon Christensen.

Copenhagen-based musician, producer and sculpturist Chris Shields, also performing under the monikers Ro, Marcel Du Swamp and in the duo Vid Edda, grew up split between Baltimore and relatives on the European continent, mostly in the Alps. As his own music draws from a wide range of sources, so does this new autumn mixtape “Leaves are changing colors, head is turning from the sun towards hands and the ground”, made for Passive/Aggressive. The mixtape reflects the sounds of Ro/Chris Shields who envelopes both noise music, musique concrète, field recordings, recorded speech, modular synthesizer systems as well as handcrafted instruments in wood.

Leaves are changing colors, head is turning from the sun towards hands and the ground. A collection of favorites to enjoy. Track list is available below.

john cage talking about going nowhere
yan jun “…of people”
network glass “NLB”
françois bayle ‘tremblement de terre très doux’ (from “erosphere”) excerpt
anton heyboer “solution is not possible” excerpt
françois bayle “toupie dans le ciel no. 1” (from “erosphere”) excerpt
john carder bush “two in one coffin” kate bush’s brother reading poetry during costume change at show in london 1979
vom grill “knerpen! (bevel)” excerpt
franco battiato “hyver” & “agnus”
ro unreleased
kathleen ferrier “du bist di ruh”
vid edda “hvem taler? en fjern kalden”
graham lambkin “divers”

panos charalambous “fullness of harmony” excerpt – “agave leaves, rose thorns and an eagle’s nail to pick up the sounds from the records”
havadine stone audio message
tom white “evidence of tampering”
havadine stone “betty boop” excerpt
daniel lanois “carla”
havadine stone “vague embry and the liquid dwelling” excerpt – recently released masterpiece on reserve matinee
vangelis interview with al jazeera – must see for joyous unity of incredible cosmic mismatch between interviewer and interviewee
sounds of love “scented wind”
idea fire company “some of us”
nate young untitled from “regression volume 3 (other days)”
dome “cruel when complete”
fromm talking about love
little aron and his magic band “sprinkle (rainy day)” to negate fromm’s last point
ray rhodes “frankie and johnny” from “art of field recording”
aaron dilloway “labyritnhs and jokes”
special mystery recording i made on my phone – if you can correctly guess the source of the audio then call me +4553653233 and claim a prize
ihor tsymbrovsky / Ігор Цимбровський “come, angel”

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