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World Hello Day (a new fall mixtape)

Chris Shields in an American artist and musician based in Copenhagen. In recent years he has been working on visual arts with a CNC carver as well in the music project Vid Edda (Sensorisk Verden). Since pursuing a scientific career as a tech operator for glacial research in Greenland, he has been compiling a series of mixtapes as well, and we are proud to present a new fall mixtape by Chris Shields. Tracklist below. Enjoy!


Further listening: Leaves are changing colors, head is turning from the sun towards hands and the ground” (autumn mixtape from 2018)


Jan Steele – All Day (voice Janet Sherbourne)
Opera singer Pauline Viardot’s account of hearing the legendary madame pasta
Active russian shortwave station, mystery broadcaster, 2000s-present. Nickname “Squeaky Wheel”
Jenna Sutela – nimiia vibié
Active chinese air defense network shortwave station, three numbers per second, classified
Fabienne Erato – untitled LP excerpt
Li Chin Sung – Somewhere
Charles Amirkhanian – Muchrooms
The Roches – Hammond song
Jack Callahan – Blue Dream excerpt with proportional ending
Overlaid – audio clip from jandek one act play “kooken”
T. Chase – making a cloud disappear by psychic telekinesis, march 2009
Alice Coltrane – Om Supreme


Talk Talk – Myrrhman
Lucrecia Dalt – Edge
United States Navy active shortwave station, nickname “Whales”, “Backwards Music Station”
Ro – two unreleased tracks
Ian William Craig – parry that with more geometry
010001111000 – nihanpen
Tim Buckley – dream letter
Mr Holland’s inspirational message
Pat Metheny – Zero tolerance for silence II
Cate le Bon – Are you with me now?
John Fred & his Playboy Band – Judy in Disguise
The Rev-Lons – After last night
Elvis – Are you lonesome tonight

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