New release – Henning Lundkvist is set to release “Drone Music” on Passive/Aggressive

November 6 2021, af passive/aggressive
Photo: Ana Lumack

To mark the release of Henning Lundkvist’s “Drone Music” – a script about contemporary electronic music, the war on terror and afghan traditional music, we invite you all to an early evening event at Proton Records on November 11.

The event is free to attend, and you can support Proton by buying records or a beverage. The publication will be made available at production cost (30 kr) and sent to all current and new subscribers via

“Drone Music” takes its formal departure from a monosyllabic word and combines it with the suffixes “music” and “war” – a minimal vocabulary constituting the initial foundations of a temporary language which develops over the course of the text. The script was originally performed by the artist in August 2020 at the Copenhagen music venue ALICE, where Henning Lundkvist was invited to perform by Sonja Labianca and Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen. Revised for publication in September 2021, the text gets release by Passive/Aggressive as part of their small prints series (Mark Fisher, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Goodman a.o.).

Henning Lundkvist is a writer and artist living in Copenhagen. He has published the novels “Planned Obsolescence – A Retrospective” (Atlas Projectos, 2018) and “Jolene” (CLP Works, 2018) and runs the occasional exhibition space Ch’ien Chien. Lundkvist is featured on several albums, his latest “Music and Neighbours of Ch’ien Chien (vol 1)” was released by Sensorisk Verden, and his text “Kharabat, Kopenhagen,” which takes place in a fictional Afghan teahouse, was recently published by Electra.

Henning Lundkvist: Drone Music
Design and print by Wilfred Wagner.
Copenhagen. November 2021.
28 pages. 100 copies.

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