Clube da Nova Manhã + Brynje “Walkie Talkie Works” (2019)

Clube da Nova Manhã + Brynje “Walkie Talkie Works”
Passive/Aggressive (ISSN 2245-862x) & KLD Repro (EB_09).
Summer 2019. C90 Cassette Tape & Print Publication. Edition of 100.
Text by Rui Pedro Dâmaso. Design by Wilfred Wagner.

Walkie Talkie Works is the documentation of two performative works for voices and walkie talkies, written by Asger and Holger Hartvig in collaboration with Clube Da Nova Manhã in Barreiro and an ensemble of musicians from Brynje (Visage, posh isolation). Total running time: 90 minutes.

Side A: Clube Da Nova Manhã “Patio Piece”

Yard opera for study group and production crew. Final ceremony of the temporary study center for new music, Clube Da Nova Manhã. Recorded in the yard of Escola Conde De Ferreira, Barreiro, April 2016. Deepfelt thanks to Out.ra and Barreiro.

Personnel: Jaime Norberto, Diana Meira, Andreia Sofia, Nuno Gil, José Bica, Sara Zita, Pedro Saraiva, Andrea Green Novel, Ernesto Silva, Bruno Cafageste, Rikke Van Der Meer, Miguel Carvalho (aka Mike), Vitor Lopes, João Medina, Igor de Britos, Rui Dâmaso, Augusto Sousa, Frederica Oliveira, Simon Latz, Lasse Latz, Asger Hartvig, Holger Hartvig + many more souls

Side B: Brynje “Selvet”

Crew conversation for 4 voices and distant orchestra. Recorded in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, September 2017. Personnel: Asta Arskog, Soho Rezanejad, Cæcilie Trier, Emil Elg, Asger Hartvig, Holger Hartvig.