Salon:Pissoir – En platform for expression og explosion (interview)

English Feature November 29 2013 TLDSUPER80

Af Simon Christensen. På billedet TL-D SUPER80 fra et Salon:Pissoir arrangement.

Et musikmiljø kræver sine spillesteder og arrangører, og én af de mest ideologiske i København er Salon:Pissoir, der står stærkt på at give plads til nye bands og nye steder. De fremhæver en lokal kultur gennem et oplevelsesfilter, der også formidler og udfordrer musikken omkring dem. Vi bringer et mailinterview med initiativtagerne. (Og undskyld. Jeg aner virkeligt ikke, hvordan det her interview pludselig blev på engelsk, red.)

P/A: What is the background for starting Salon:Pissoir – and if any relevance to the subject, who are you?
Madeleine Kate, Salon:Pissoir: “Back in 2010, somewhere in the Copenhagen Meatpacking District, Salon:Pissoir revealed itself as a new monthly club. Established by Madeleine Kate McGowan (Henrys Dream, Club de la Faye) and Daniel Frank Christensen (Radio Saigon), at a time where all the nightclub venues and music scene hangouts we take for granted today, were only just opening up their doors, or didn’t even exist yet. Back in 2010, the Copenhagen scene was ruled by small groups of people and established venues. There was no powerful circulation of expression and live music experiences, the scene was fragmented and kind of boring. Yet there was a sense of something more powerful stirring. It was in the midst of this, that we wanted to start Salon:Pissoir. Something to activate movements, expressions, exchanges, explosions. A place that wasn’t a closed selective inbred community, but a generous space for high quality expression. A place where we could all meet up freely, not dictated by opening hours, noise levels or smoking rules.

We created some dogmas back then, which we still uphold: *strive to have a debut act each time. *shift locations to avoid stagnation. *Love for music not for fashion. *Poetic Revolution!

The Felines, Sink Ships, b r o k e n, The Monoliths and Gutten & Gutten are among some of our debut acts. Since we started, Salon:Pissoir has grown into a beautiful vessel, always carrying a varied set of musical experiences, late night extravaganza and new friendships. We are now joined by the forces of Matthew Møller (Less Win, Sink Ships) and Bjørn Hemmeth Manniche (Red Tape), which has added to the universe a new sense of power and exquisiteness.”

P/A: What are you trying to do, and what is the prime setup at your shows?
S:P: “We have a strong intention behind the whole Salon:Pissoir universe – visual identity, bookings etc. Yet we work very freely and intuitive. It’s a serious playground. The genres we present vary from evening to evening, yet we always have a line-up with three or four acts. We have also ‘commissioned’ musicians by activating new formations cross bands, or inviting artists to do solo acts. Lately Bjørn has initiated a cooperation with the small cinema, Vester Vov Vov, on Vesterbro. This has opened up a new form of concerts, the cinema gigs. Further, we have added poetry readings and performance acts to our arrangements. Some of the poetry presented at Salon:Pissoir, is exhibited on our tumblr:

P/A: What does your club try to add to the music scene in CPH, and what do you think is the good/bads things about live scene in Copenhagen right now?
S:P: “The Copenhagen music scene is very vibrant, and there is a confidence in expression and an ability to establish strong music communities. There are so many live concerts, that we get dizzy trying to get to all of them. New bands emerge all the time. The shadow to this though, could be a ‘fashion mentality’. With ‘fashion mentality’ the people of the scene, promoters and clubs, become vampires, metaphorically speaking, feeding on and scouting for the freshest and hippest blood. The competition is high, which is healthy and creates dynamics and circulation, but it can also turn its flip side, and become a cultivator of fragmentations and create a mentality where people who are not ready to ‘loose their cool’ if things get rough.

Salon:Pissoir presents variation and diversity of expression and sound. We focus on quality, but at the same time our stage is also a place for new artists who have never played a live gig before. So the Salon:Pissoir arrangements should be a good mix of established underground bands and at the same time we force people out of their rehearsal spaces.” Læs resten