Passive Aggressive Conversations #2: Alto Aria

Podcast April 17 2024, af Macon Holt

Maite Cintron, with Ivna Franic and Macon Holt

Passive Aggressive Conversations is our new podcast series hosted by two Passive/Aggressive journalists, Macon Holt and Ivna Franic, where we dive deep into some of the emerging sounds within the Danish music scene and their unique forms of expression. In each episode, we sit down with an exciting new independent artist, and they share their creative processes, inspirations, and the stories behind their captivating soundscapes. Ranging from singers to performance artists to interface creators, we explore the diverse landscape of music in Denmark in its many stages. Here, we shine a spotlight on those who are bringing meaning through experimentation, each with their own special twist. 

In this episode, we are delighted to talk with Danish singer, songwriter and producer, AriaLeth Schütze. Having graduated from the Music Conservatory, their music counts with captivating vocals which guide your journey through their sensorial soundscape. Inspired by the likes of FKA Twigs and DJ Lostboi, Aria’s work takes you into a deep emotional space with no rights or wrongs, only processes. Their recent album “Limerence” is an example of this, where heartbreak and its healings become a stepping stone with an intensity that is almost too hard to leave behind. As a collaborative album, it embodies Aria’s ideas on co-creation and reworking music. During the episode, you will get to listen in on some of their previously released work as well as new singles where the artist reworks the boundaries of collaboration and inspiration.

Passive Aggressive Conversations is a collaboration between The Lake Radio and Passive/Aggressive. Passive/Aggressive and this project is generously supported by Tuborg Fondet, The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation and Koda Culture.