Knud Viktor – Seeing music and hearing images

English Kritik April 15 2019

Exhibition “Bjerget Synger. Lydmaler Knud Viktor og hans verden”  at The Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde (January 18-April 28 2019) and LP “Les Éphémères” and EP “Le petit Duc” by Knud Viktor (The Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology, 2019) – Review by Laura Juncker

In the wake of his passing in 2013, the life’s work of the sound artist, Knud Viktor, has resurfaced in Denmark, where he had been something of a well-kept secret, despite having been regarded as a well-established artist in France. The exhibition and sound installation Bjerget Synger [The Mountain Sings] at The Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde is thus the first time Knud Viktor’s iconic “sound images” have been presented to the public in the quadrophonic audio (4-channel surround sound) they were intended for when he created them more than 40 years ago.

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