Stargate by Alexander Julin

Passive/Aggressive was established in 2011 in Copenhagen and is an open music forum that releases books/zines/print publications, runs the online journal and a free music archive titled Sounds.

We support any initiative that renews the way people listen to, and talk and write about music in Denmark that makes it easier to navigate and listen to even supposedly challenging music (both Danish and International, whatever genre) – and any ideology serving the democratization of the attention and distribution of music. We do this primarily by promoting the increasingly expressive and (often wrongfully) neglected independent music scene in Denmark, that is represented by musicians, labels, venues and festivals, that work within the premise of music as an art form – and we do this on a nonprofit basis.

Contributing editors:

Nils Bloch
Macon Holt
Ivna Franic
Emil Grarup
Alexander Julin
Simon Christensen
Mikkel Arre
Agnes Vilén (art direction)


We accept submissions, guest features and albums for the free music archive. If you are an artist or label that wants to submit your music for review, please send two physical copies and/or a digital version of the music to Because Passive/Aggressive is a volunteer organisation, we can’t promise to answer all enquiries, but we do try to listen to all submissions.

Foreningen Passive/Aggressive
Haderslevgade 9, 1. th
1671 København

All other enquiries:

Thank you

Art work for previous print releases are made by: Nis Sigurdsson, Mathias Skafte Andersen, Luke Fischbeck, Toke Tietze Mortensen, Wilfred Wagner, Signe Lupnov, Alexander Tovborg, Fuyama Yousuke, Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen, Susanne Benther Mouritsen, Kristoffer Bech and Fryd Frydendahl.

Thank you: Nikolaj Thorenfeldt (co-founder), Bjarke Rasmussen, Stefan Björklund, Mikkel Reher-Langberg, Frederik Denning, Rasmus Moesby, Nils Bloch-Sørensen, Jan Stricker, Wilfred Wagner, William Zeuthen, Jacob Kirkegaard, Morten Løwenstein, Troels Fløe, Mikkel A. Kongstad, Kasper Vang, Rasmus Stolberg, Andreas Pallisgaard, Anders Trentemøller, Niklas Vindelev, Torsten Larsen, Erik Jensen, Anders Cold, Line-Gry Hørup, Mikkel Kongstad, Andreas Führer, Rasmus Junge, Martin Courtney, Malthe Fischer, Sandra S. Borch, Claus Haxholm, Simon Tornby, Kim Kristensen, Emil Nene Rasmussen, Morten Østergaard Rasmussen, Emil Grarup, Toke Tietze Mortensen, Helle Nielsen, Magnus Olesen, Robert Turman, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Lea Wind-Friis, Kristoffer Bech, Merih Koc, Tobias Linnemann Ewé, Tom Blancarte, Ursula Nistrup, Christian Rygaard, Bjarke Svendsen, Jesper Lidang, Bastian Kallesøe, Emil Kragh-Schwartz, Ralf Christensen, Tobias Kirstein, Lea Anic, Javier Orosco, Peter Voss-Knude, Theo Nymark, Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Mads Kjeldgaard, Martin Breidahl, Emil Elg, Lea Anic, Eva Hurtigkarl, Anton Rothstein, Morten Ettrup, Kristian Parl Bjørn Vester, Rune Finseth, Bjørn Lydén, Christian Rye Hougaard, Diana Uh, Jon A., Lasse Stenvang, Alex Neilsson, Pernille Jensen, Loke Rahbek, Jonathan Carstensen, Christian Møller-Blæhr, Bill Kougalis, Noel Heroux, Søren Christensen, Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen, Adam Thorsmark, Jesper Buhl, Jeppe Berg, Søren Rye, Thomas Buhl-Wiggers, Mads Kjeldgaard, Kasper Bisgaard, Nis Bysted, Bjørn Lange, Lars Kjelfred, Rasmus Steffensen, Martin Thimes, Jonas Okholm, Mikael Mørkholt, Thorbjørn Radisch, Mette Slot Johnsen, Emil Thorenfeldt, Michael Lauritsen Dahl, Nicklas Sørensen, Tobias Correll, Jonas Munk, Nikolaj Lange, Tue Kjerstein, Klaus Hedegaard, Johannes Gammelby, Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen, Adam Granduciel, Smash!Bang!Pow!, Escho, Insula Music, Sort Kaffe & Vinyl, Headquarters, Rama Records, Percy Records, Krabbesholm Højskole, KLD Repro, Jazzhouse, Stereo Studio Købmagergade, Radar, Hovedbiblioteket, Odense Musikbibliotek, Toftlund Højskole, Platform 4 + those we forgot.

Foreningen Passive/Aggressive is generously supported by Statens Kunstfond since 2016. Passive/Aggressive has always received support from Sonning-Fonden, Roskilde Festival Fonden and SNYK.