Passive Aggressive Conversations #1: Dalin Waldo

Podcast March 12 2024

Passive Aggressive Conversations is our new podcast series hosted by two Passive/Aggressive journalists, Macon Holt and Ivna Franic, where we dive deep into some of the emerging sounds within the Danish music scene and their unique forms of expression. In each episode, we sit down with an exciting new independent artist, and they share their creative processes, inspirations, and the stories behind their captivating soundscapes. Ranging from singers to performance artists to interface creators, we explore the diverse landscape of music in Denmark in its many stages. Here, we shine a spotlight on those who are bringing meaning through experimentation, each with their own special twist. 

This episode’s guest, Dalin Waldo, brings an energetic first conversation to this podcast series where ey shares the processes behind some of eir recent performances and projects. As a performance artist, interface and instrument builder, synth-magician, composer and cinematographer, Dalin’s work is dynamic and sees no boundaries when it comes to the tools they use in eir artistic expressions. Interested in bringing life back to the interfaces used in music creation, Dalin inspires an active engagement with the machines surrounding our art by bringing new meanings to them. Through a multiplicity of elements and mediums, Dalin embodies what it means to deconstruct the way we see ourselves, our instruments and each other.

Passive Aggressive Conversations is a collaboration between The Lake Radio and Passive/Aggressive.