Kool Music – No Horsing Around

Kritik December 1 2023, af Ivna Franc

Kool Music – “Trois Horses” (Escho, 2023) – review by Ivna Franic From the name of the project to the visual aesthetic of some of the releases, artist and writer Jasper Baydala’s Kool Music has a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel to it. When it comes to the actual music he makes, however, there is little evidence of unseriousness and trickery. Kool Music’s new cassette ...

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Alexander Tillegreen – “I think there is a great possibility in listening to this mirror of your own subconsciousness” (interview)

Blog November 22 2023, af Alexander Julin

By Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo: Press photo The first time I encountered the Danish sound artist, composer, researcher and visual artist Alexander Tillegreen’s work was at the contemporary gallery O-Overgaden in Copenhagen. His exhibition, entitled “Shift”, showed him working in the intersection of scientifically-inspired sound and visual art, centered around a psychoacoustic phenomenon called phantom word illusion – an auditory and language-based illusion whereby ...

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Struer Tracks – Environmental crises and spiritual experiences through the perspective of sound art

Blog October 2 2023, af Alexander Julin

By Mikkel Schou, photos by Mateusz Szot On paper, Struer Tracks is a bit of a radical experiment. A sound art biennale with a host of experimental and international artists in a small and remote port town in West Jutland seems unlikely to be a smash hit. Traveling to Struer, I wondered how big of a crowd previous iterations of Struer Tracks ...

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N.E.GIRL – The physical effect of bass-heavy music (interview & mixtape)

Blog September 25 2023, af Alexander Julin

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by NONO GIGSTA The Copenhagen-based DJ Esther Kakai – aka. N.E.GIRL – has become a renowned DJ in the city. Having played numerous shows in Copenhagen since 2018, she’s been an important figure in what feels like a new blossoming of bass-heavy styles in the city’s club scene. This seems like no coincidence, since soundsystem culture ...

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Alter Festival – once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern

Blog September 15 2023, af Alexander Julin

Coverage of Alter Festival (August 24-26, 2023) by Martha Hviid, photos by Natalie Black and Martha Hviid The Aarhus-based Festival Alter has existed for four years. Well, they had to cancel their first year due to that thing which we all remember, but that don’t have to mentioned here. Nevertheless, advertisements prior to this 2020-cancellation had already caught my eye. I’m awfully ...

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Ying-Hsueh Chen – “ I still believe that true freedom comes from being rooted in discipline” (interview)

August 18 2023, af Alexander Julin

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by Malthe Folke Ivarsson Over the years, the Copenhagen-based Taiwaneese artist Ying-Hsueh Chen has manifested herself as somewhat of a singular artist in the Danish art music scene due to both her own music as a percussionist, her compositions for other ensembles, the concert series “Ancestral Modernism” and her impressive performances of, among others, Iannis Xenakis’ ...

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Intonal Festival 2023 – Bold Choices

Blog May 17 2023, af Ivna Franc

Intonal Festival, 26th–30th of April, Malmö. Review by Ivna Franic, Photos by Camilla Rehnstrand Malmö’s Intonal Festival has made it a part of its image to present lineups that don’t necessarily fit the usual European festival mold. At first glance, the festival’s 2023 program gave the impression that the curators were either extremely daring or knew their audience very well. Or, who ...

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The Bottomless Anxiety of Holding on to Anything – The Lake’s Works for Radio 2023

Blog March 14 2023, af Macon Holt

Works for Radio, 7th of March at Cinemateket – Review by Macon Holt Radio art is at once very open and very particular. On one level, it is simply sound art on the radio. But putting sound art on the radio has historically given it another level as it implies a tangible relationship to the institutions of mass media and the media consumption habits of millions ...

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