Open Call: Passive/Aggressive is looking for new board members

Blog April 7 2024, af Alexander Julin

Passive/Aggressive is looking for three new board members who can contribute with insights into how we can remain relevant as a music media amidst times of significant changes in the music media industry as well as maintain a stable and sustainable structure as a non-profit organisation.

About Passive/Aggressive

Passive/Aggressive was established in 2011 in Copenhagen and is an open music forum that runs the online journal and is involved in ongoing collaborations with external partners, focusing on the experimental music scenes in Denmark. 

We support any initiative that renews the way people listen to, talk and write about music in Denmark that makes it easier to navigate and listen to even supposedly challenging music (both Danish and international, whatever genre) – and any ideology serving the democratisation of the attention and distribution of music. We do this primarily by promoting the increasingly expressive and (often wrongfully) neglected independent music scene in Denmark, that is represented by musicians, labels, venues and festivals, that work within the premise of music as an art form – and we do this on a nonprofit basis.

The non-profit association currently receives all of its income from Danish foundations. The financial support primarily goes into the production of articles, editorial work and project development together with administrative and ad hoc expenses. As a nonprofit organisation, Passive/Aggressive’s board can’t receive payment for their work.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for three new board members who can benefit with constructive insights for what comes to how we can develop as a music media. We’re currently working on other formats and collaborative initiatives through which we hopefully can reach new audiences and present the music scenes which we cover for more people. At the same time, we wish to make Passive/Aggressive more financially resilient and to ensure that we can offer a reasonable fee to both our writers and editor-in-chief that matches the expertise and amount of time etc. that goes into their work.

We’re looking for three board members who can help us;

  • develop as a music media and reach more readers
  • find relevant partners for new collaborative initiatives favouring our purposes (as outlined in the above section)
  • give feedback on fundraising applications and how these can be strengthened (the editor-in-chief is responsible for writing them and any dialogue with the foundations)
  • ensure that our ideals in terms of representation and inclusion is evident in our curated articles and how we work as a non-profit organisation

You don’t have to work in the music or cultural industry to be taken into account for the role as board member. However, we expect you to see a value in the purpose and aims of Passive/Aggressive as a music media. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of one’s background.

The board, which consists of three other members with relation to the music industry in Denmark, meets four times a year for approximately 3 hours each time together with Passive/Aggressive’s editor-in-chief. Passive/Aggressive offers dinner and drinks in continuation of each meeting. Between each meeting, it’s expected that the board member can be available to discuss relevant matters for Passive/Aggressive either via email or phone – but this should not amount to more than +/- 1-2 hours in total a year.

The new board members are selected by the current board.

Deadline and how to apply

If interested in applying for the position, please send an email to with the following information;

– Your background

– Your motivation for applying

– How you hope to contribute to the board and the development of Passive/Aggressive

– Attached CV

Deadline for applications: April 30, 2024.

If you have any questions for the role as board member, don’t hesitate to reach out to chairperson of the board Simon Christensen via the email above.