10 BPM DANCE CLUB “Volume 1” (2018)

10 BPM DANCE CLUB “Vol. 1.”
Passive/Aggressive (ISSN 2245-862x) & KLD Repro (EB_07).
August 2018. Cassette Tape & Print Publication. Edition of 50.
Text by Greta Eacott and Passive/Aggressive.

60 Minute selection of tracks from One Take Records call for dance music at 10BPM. Thanks to everyone who produced and submitted music, we received over a 200 tracks from across the globe. Also thanks to Puwabanne Femayal and Lukas Danys for bringing the music to life at the inaugural 10BPM dance party at Christianhavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen.

“If I make a dance club with music at 10BPM will anybody come? What will it sound like? Can I dance 2 it? Will it be enjoyable?” – Greta Eacott