The Hum “s/t” (2018)

The Hum “s/t”
Passive/Aggressive (ISSN 2245-862x) & KLD Repro (EB_08).
June 2018. Cassette Tape & Print Publication. Edition of 100.
Text by Simon C. Design by Wilfred Wagner.

“Excellent debut by a Danish quartet made up of players who are all active in the free jazz/free rock crossover scene up there. Saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye, guitarist Henrik Olsson, bassist Nicolai Kaas Claesson and drummer Rune Lohse offer a lot of different dynamic textures in their work. These range from free floating proggy slithers through murky twilight scenarios to blasted forays of pure destructo-improv of the Last Exit variety. Fine stuff.” – Byron Coley, The Wire Magazine