Yves Tumor – Perfectly unpredictable (live report)

April 2 2018

Yves Tumor Mayhem 10 Yves Tumor, Khalil, Scandinavian Star and Soho Rezanejad hosted by Lowlife Scum and Knife Magazine at Mayhem 23.3.2018. Review and all photos by Cameron Pagett. “Don’t fuck with my shield! Don’t fuck with my shield! …” It’s the fourth and final set on a crowded Mayhem night and the headliner Yves Tumor has broken or rather, ripped his way through his plastic cage which ...

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Anton Rothstein – Guest Mix 2013

Mixtape January 18 2013

Foto Lasse Dearman Mixtape kompileret af Anton Rothstein fra Lower/Sexdrome: “Læg venligst mærke til 3x Luke Kelly.” God weekend. Download. Trackliste: 01 Jawbreaker – Shield Your Eyes 02 Venom P. Stinger – Walking About 03 /surprise #1 04 Luke Kelly/The Dubliners – Scorn Not His Simplicity (1) 05 Crisis – Frustration 06 Saccharine Trust – A Human Certainty 07 Scratch Acid – She Said 08 Happy Hookers For Jesus – Stab You 09 feedtime – Ha ...

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