Croatian Amor – Examining the lethargic melancholia of the digital age

English Kritik January 31 2019
Photo: Jane Pain
Photo: Jane Pain

Croatian Amor: “Isa” (Posh Isolation, 2019) – review by Ivna Franić

Returning with his first album since 2016’s gorgeous “Love Means Taking Action”, Croatian Amor once again delves into desolate moods and meditations on navigating the digital world. If the previous LP hadn’t made it clear enough that the project was moving away from the tried combo of warm bubbly synths and crude industrial noises, 2017’s “Finding People” EP and the accompanying live shows made it known that the change was here to stay. “Isa” sees Loke Rahbek further follow this path, leaving behind certain elements that made his previous album work so well – such as the light touch of goth romanticism layered over experimental ambiance – in order to make room for new ideas.

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