Travelling off the grid with Epic Vinyls from Brazil (interview)

Feature August 17 2015

epicvinyl Interview by Simon Christensen – photo by Samy Khabthani. In collaboration with Danish artist and dj Rasmus Schack, Passive/Aggressive is proud to present a very special mixtape by Epic Vinyls from Brazil. This mix is a 100% vinyl 25-track blend of native indian music, experimental 1970’s sound, capoeira songs and afro-brazilian ritual music and chanting. Listen to the PAB-1 Mixtape from Epic Vinyls from ...

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Epic Vinyls from Brazil – PAB-1 (mixtape)

Blog Mixtape August 15 2015

Mix_PA_EVFB_Pics6 Mixtape and liner notes by Rasmus Schack / Epic Vinyls from Brazil. When you live in Brazil as a foreigner, you come to a certain point where you have to ask yourself; what happened to the native population? And where are they? And as a DJ/researcher you wonder if there exists an influence on the Brazilian music. My first meeting with native Brazilians was in ...

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