Rhizome – Gatherers, Not Hunters

Kritik April 28 2021, af mikkelarre

Various Artists: “bag/belly/box” (Rhizome, 2021) – review by Ivna Franic “One relationship among elements in the novel may well be that of conflict, but the reduction of narrative to conflict is absurd. (I have read a how-to-write manual that said, “A story should be seen as a battle,” and went on about strategies, attacks, victory, etc). Conflict, competition, stress, struggle, etc., within the narrative conceived as ...

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Messell – The complex beauty of our communicative failures (interview)

March 21 2020, af mikkelarre

By Macon Holt “If no one fits in,” said Martin Messell to me in his studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, “then maybe we don’t have to worry about fitting in.” We were talking about the concept behind his first album under his surname as an artist’s moniker, “Ligesom Rigtige Mennesker”. In translation, the title has a certain ambiguity as it can mean either “just like ...

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