die Reihe – Sitting in a room with a Vocoder

Kritik October 11 2018

die-reihe die Reihe – Vocoder (Anòmia, 2018), review by Mikkel Rørbo. “Vocoder” is Jack Callahan’s new EP under the die Reihe moniker. We are told that much in the first few seconds listening to said record. All of “Vocoder” is focused around the reading of a text by Callahan explaining e.g. the history of the vocoder and the components of the EP’s sections; there is ...

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Oneohtrix Point Never – Seething out of the lost signal

Kritik June 19 2018

1127962-opn_6_dsc01917_3000jpg Oneohtrix Point Never “Age Of” (Warp, 2018) – review by Mikkel Rørbo, photo: Blake Wood If you search for Oneohtrix Point Never on your favorite search engine or hegemonic digital platform, you’ll be told that Daniel Lopatin has been at it for quite a while, “Age Of” is (approximately) the 10th studio album from his hand and it is put out on seminal electronic ...

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